Electricity Demand to Rise 62%; Generation Capacity to Triple by 2050

As a result, an aggregate investment of about USD 13.3 trillion is expected to be attracted in the sector, including USD 4.2 trillion in solar and USD 5.3 trillion in wind energy. The world’s power generation capacity is likely to triple between 2018 and 2050, as the demand for electricity may grew by 62 per […]

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Global Investments in Renewable Energy Hit $288 Billion: BNEF Report

The dip in investment in 2018 can be partly attributed to falling technology costs in solar photovoltaics, which meant that the required capacity could be secured at a lower cost and slowdown in PV installations in China. Global investment in renewable energy has hit $288.9 billion in 2018, with the amount spent on new capacity […]

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Plunging Costs of Lithium-Ion Batteries on the Verge of Displacing Coal, Gas

Two technologies that were immature and expensive only a few years ago but are now at the center of the unfolding low-carbon energy transition have seen spectacular gains in cost-competitiveness in the last year. The latest analysis by research company BloombergNEF shows that the benchmark levelised cost of electricity, or LCOE, for lithium-ion batteries has […]

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Corporate Clean Energy Buying Surged to New Record in 2018 : BNEF

Corporations bought a record amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements (PPA) in 2018, shattering the previous record set in 2017 a new report by BNEF found.   BloombergNEF has revealed in its 1H 2019 Corporate Energy Market Outlook, that around 13.4 GW of clean energy contracts were signed by 121 corporations in 21 different […]

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