Australian Firm Powerledger Takes Its Blockchain Public, With New Solution

Energy software technology company Powerledger has revealed its fast ‘Powerledger chain’ for the global energy industry. The company said that Powerledger Chain would support Powerledger’s own applications and third-party applications, as well as be open for public domain electricity use cases, interested in introducing new services and products to the market. “Our mission with blockchain […]

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TERI Develops Blockchain-Enabled Prototype for Solar Power Trading

TERI has developed a prototype platform to facilitate peer-to-peer trading of solar energy among consumers in the same neighbourhood. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has announced that it has developed a platform to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions of solar energy among consumers in the same neighbourhood. The prototype which utilises blockchain for the execution of […]

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Energo Boost Clean Energy Prod via Qtum Blockchain Implementation in Philippines

Through combining the decentralization of blockchain with solar cells, energy storage and other hardware, we hope to accelerate the power reform in off-grid areas, said Kaikai Yang, Founder and CEO, Energo Lab Foundation. Energo Foundation has implemented Qtum blockchain platform in its latest cooperation with First Gen, the largest producer of clean energy in the Philippines, on the […]

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Blockchain – from Nowhere to Everywhere

One day, the energy grid could look completely different than it does today. Instead of big power plants sending electrons over long distances to people’s homes, we might generate more power locally using solar panels, and homeowners might become makers and traders of power as well as passive consumers. If so, blockchain technology could help […]

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