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SVOLT Expands Global Footprint with Battery Module and Pack Plant in Thailand

SVOLT, the battery cell manufacturer that emerged from the Chinese carmaker Great Wall, has begun setting up a plant in Thailand for the assembly of battery modules and packs for electric and hybrid cars. Completion is scheduled for this year. The firm has begun the construction of a module and pack factory at Sri Racha […]

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BorgWarner Increases South Carolina Battery Production by 3GWh

America’s one of the leading automotive supplier BorgWarner has announced that will be investing $42 million into the expansion of its Seneca, South Carolina production facility. The investment will be allocated to building and equipment upgrades as well as the development of new manufacturing lines to launch the production of 3GWh of annual battery module […]

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Ahmedabad’s Matter Energy Unveils Geared Electric Motorcycle

A geared electric motorcycle was unveiled by Matter Energy, an Ahmedabad-based provider of integrated energy solutions. Orders will soon be accepted, and delivery will start in April 2023. For the geared electric motorcycle, the firm has great hopes. In addition to exporting to markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it intends to open 200 […]

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EV Tech Start-up Matter Announces New Design Centre in Pune

Matter, a vertically integrated technology start-up focused on electric mobility and energy storage, has announced its new design and software centre in the city of Pune. The centre aims to reinforce and build on the brands core value of creating boldly, keeping it simple, keeping the user at around the heart, and elevating their experiences […]

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The Many Promises of Battery Swapping

Known for designing and developing electric vehicles, Chinese multinational automobile manufacturer, NIO, has established a formidable reputation with regard to battery swap stations. In July this year, the automobile giant opened 1,000 swap stations and reached 10 million battery swaps. As of August, NIO boasts of 1071 swap stations in China, however, it has no […]

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MatterEnergy 1.0, An Active liquid-cooled 2 Wheeler EV battery Pack Debuts

Even as Battery safety is in the limelight thanks to recent incidents, Matter, the Ahmedabad-based technology start-up, has unveiled its MatterEnergy 1.0 battery pack. The firm claims that this first ever battery pack of its type in India comes with unique core characteristics such as an Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System and a Super Smart […]

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Seeon 180° backpack

PRODUCT BRIEF: Designed for a modern age where protecting yourself and your belongings should really be at the forefront, Seeon 180° uses technology to create a secure, portable storage solution. With anti-theft defense, location tracking, an integrated solar panel, battery pack, and even an assault alarm, this bag has your back. Product Features: The backpack […]

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Automotive Li-ion Battery Market Projected to $74.3 Bn by 2024, Report

As per the P&S Intelligence market research report, the automotive lithium-ion battery market size was valued at USD 24.2 billion last year. The market share for automotive lithium-ion (li-ion) battery is projected to reach USD 74.3 billion by 2024, progressing at a CAGR of 15.9 percent during (2019-2024), said the market research report. As per the P&S […]

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