California Takes Top Spot in Second Consecutive Year in State Energy Efficiency Report ’22

A study titled “2022 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard Report” has been released by the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy). To reduce emissions and satisfy state clean energy targets, this analysis rates U.S. states based on their policy and program initiatives to promote equity, pursue efficiency, and save energy. California takes the first position […]

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IEA Report: Global Hydrogen Review 2022

A study titled “Global Hydrogen Review 2022” has been released by the IEA (International Energy Agency). The International Energy Agency publishes the Global Hydrogen Review every year, which examines global hydrogen supply and demand as well as advancements in crucial areas such as infrastructure development, commerce, policy, legislation, investments, and innovation. The paper, which is […]

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Global Energy Perspective Year 2022 by McKinsey

Mckinsey & Company  has released its study on Global Energy Perspective 2022. In this Global Energy Perspective 2022 report, Mckinsey & Company gave detailed information about Net Zero carbon emissions & other goal of more than 60 countries. Additionally, 60% of Fortune 500 corporations pledge to meet these decarbonization targets. The global energy revolution is […]

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Renewable Energy Market Update Outlook For 2022-23

The IEA has released its study on Renewable Energy Outlook For 2022-23. In its report, the IEA provided detailed information about how developments in the energy market in recent months, particularly in Europe, have once again demonstrated the critical role that renewable energy sources play in enhancing energy security in addition to their well-established efficiency […]

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RE Success Could Have Prevented Frequent Power Cuts In AP

Andhra Pradesh could have averted the power crisis over the last few months had it met its renewable energy targets. This was the finding of a report from Climate Risks Horizons, a Bengaluru based Thinktank. AP experienced more power cuts than other states in India facing a power crisis. According to the report from Climate […]

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Battery Related Fires Singe Sale of E Scooters In May

The surging demand for electric scooters seems to have been affected by the spate of battery fires across the country since summer started in earnest. Quality concerns have definitely come to the fore among prospective customers. While rising petrol prices have been pushing more and more people to shift to an electric scooter, the recent […]

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Nitin Gadkari Is Sold On the Future of Storage

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) Nitin Gadkari gave a ringing endorsement for the future of storage in India, while inaugurating the 8th edition of the India Energy Storage Week (IESA) in New Delhi on May 3. The event formally started on May 2nd and is set to culminate on 6th  May at […]

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CERC Notifies Draft Regulations 2022 for Issuance of RECs

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has notified Draft Regulations, 2022, for the issuance of renewable energy certificates (RECs), which are aimed at developing the renewable power market. CERC has invited comments, suggestions, and objections from the relevant stakeholders and interested persons with respect to the Draft Regulations. The responses are to be sent on […]

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