CERC Allows Uttarakhand RE Generator To Avail RECs Despite Delays

Highlights :

  • CERC Uses Its ‘Power To Relax’ Under REC Regulations 2022 to safeguard the of a renewable energy generator.
  • The case was related to a Haridwar-based sugar mills using bagasse as a source to produce electricity.
CERC Allows Uttarakhand RE Generator To Avail RECs Despite Delays CERC Allows Uttarakhand RE Generator To Avail RECs Despite Delays

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), in its latest judgement used its ‘Power To Relax’ provision to provide relief to Uttarakhand-based renewable energy generators in the matter of the issuance of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC).

The order was passed when the petitioner, Dhanashree Agro Products, a Haridwar-based sugar mill, moved the CERC. The sugar mill uses bagasse (a by-product of sugarcane), a biofuel, to produce electricity (co-generation). The company said its installed capacity from co-generation from bagasse stood at 26 MW, whereas 6.6 MW of the power was used for captive needs. 

In its petition before the CERC, the sugar mill said that it commissioned a bagasse-based power plant on March 1, 2013, and it received a certificate of accreditation by UREDA for 6.6MW capacity, valid till June 12, 2021. The mill was granted REC, valid for five years, up to June 23, 2021.

The renewable energy generator, meanwhile, applied for the renewal of the RECs on June 14, 2021 first with URPEDA which later asked the RE generator to file the application online. The sugar mill claimed that the application failed due to technical reasons and was delayed for two days. 

REC issue and related mechanism 

Earlier, the procedure of release of RECs was governed under the REC Regulations of 2-010, which the CERC later amended with the REC Regulations of 2022. These renewable energy certificates (RECs) are given to renewable energy generators in India against their green energy generations. 

The CERC, after hearing the petitioner, the Grid Controller of India, and other stakeholders, used its “Power To Relax” provision under the REC Regulations of 2022 to grant relief to the sugar mill besides conditioning the delay. It also pointed out that as per the REC Regulations of 2022, renewable energy generators need to file their renewal applications three months before the expiration of the validity of their RECs. 

“We hereby condone the delay in submitting the application for revalidation of accreditation and registration for the issuance of REC and direct the petitioner to approach the State Agency for re-accreditation. Further, NLDC is directed to issue the RECs after due verification and satisfying itself that the projects meet all conditions and the Petitioners have submitted all required documents for issuance of RECs,” the CERC order said. 

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