Knurl- Solar Powered Hybrid Cello

Knurl- Solar Powered Hybrid Cello

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Knurl is a hybrid (acoustic/electric), solar-powered and 16 strings cello designed to reprogram its sound on-the-fly. It was revealed on the futuristic album ‘Un-Bow’, revealing a new behaviour between bow and sound of a string instrument.

PRODUCT FEATURES: The Knurl has 4 modes of performance/composition (Synthesis, Detection, Programming & Analogue mode) which are installed in a microcontroller (bella) and rechargeable through a self-contained electronic circuit (all the electronic devices are attached to it, which includes speaker, microphone, microcontroller, solar panels and sensors).

APPLICATION: Hybrid-Programmable Cello

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Its components are made by up-cycled material (Recycled PETG). At its digital settings, the 4 Modes manipulate the sound through algorithmic calculations and compositional methods. Summing up those possibilities there is a variety of (71) processing definitions. Each synthesis is designed according to concepts of sound design, active acoustic and physical modelling.

AVAILABILITY: The product is in the prototype phase.

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