Sunsure Energy Pockets 4.5 MWp Solar Project From Allana Group For UP Plant

Sunsure Energy Pockets 4.5 MWp Solar Project From Allana Group For UP Plant

Mumbai-based Allana Group, a global leader in manufacture & export of various food and consumer products including Frozen & Chilled Halal Meat has signed a 4.5 MWp open access solar PPA with Sunsure Energy, a  leading renewable power developers. Through the PPA, Allana Group will be able to offset a significant part of the total power needs of their Unnao factory. The PPA was signed in the presence of Aijaz Alvi, Ajay Mittal, Tariq Anwar, and Junaid Khan from Allana Group and Kartikeya N. Sharma (Chief – Strategy, Sunsure) and Amritesh Soora (AGM – Business Development, Sunsure).

Through the PPA, Sunsure Energy will be supplying over 6.7 Mn units of green power to Allana’s Unnao factory. This will enable them to offset of over 5.4 million kgs. of CO2 yearly for the next 25 years.

Commenting on the PPA agreement, Ajay Mittal, Director of Allana Group said, “With this agreement, we have taken our first step towards our Net Zero goals. While we are constantly improving our operations, we are also ensuring that we perform our duties in a sustainable and responsible manner by running our operations on Green energy. With the signing of the PPA with Sunsure Energy, we will offset a significant amount of our carbon emission and contribute towards a cleaner and greener future. ”

Aijaz Alvi, Associate Director of Allana Group said, “Allana group has a long history of pioneering methods to achieve holistic growth. The group has always been mindful of the responsibility we have towards the society and environment as a whole and our culture reflects the same. We believe it is our responsibility to pioneer sustainable practices and set an example for other industrial firms to follow.”

Shashank Sharma, Founder – Chairman & CEO of Sunsure Energy, said, “We are delighted to sign the PPA agreement and welcome Allana Group into our family of esteemed customers. The agreement is a major step towards reducing carbon emissions and achieving a sustainable future for one of the most important industry sectors of India. We hope to continue to leverage our strengths in the RE sector to help Allana Group reach its Net Zero goals across the country.”

Sunsure is backed by Partners Group AG with a $400 million equity investment for developing over 3 GW of RE assets by 2027. Founded in 2015, Sunsure has developed and installed solar power plants for power-intensive industrial customers across 16 Indian states.

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