100MW Solar-Fishery Plant Takes the Lead with Huawei 1500V Smart PV Solution

Multipurpose use of land increases both the agriculture and fishery revenue and improves the integrated utilisation efficiency of land.

Huawei 1500V Smart PV Solution

The Sihong 100MW PV project, a solar-fishery plant constructed by SPIC Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. in China has taken a step towards the lead in grid-tied power generation, with the use of the most advanced Huawei FusionSolar 1500V smart PV solution.

The Sihong Hybrid Fishery-Solar 100MW PV project is located in Suqian city, Jiangsu province, covering an area of about 2 sq. km. The large-scale PV power plant was built on the local lake, intertidal zones, and fish ponds. Multipurpose use of land increases both the agriculture and fishery revenue and improves the integrated utilisation efficiency of land.

The rear radiation of the bifacial PV module is uneven. As a result, the overall output power of the PV module is different, and the current discrete rate of the PV module reaches more than 5%. In this case, the MPPT granularity of inverters should be finer.

The project fully adopts Huawei 1500V Smart PV Solution with 1000 inverters in total. Every two strings connected to Huawei SUN2000-100KTL inverter dedicated for bifacial PV modules from one MPPT circuit, which means that the inverter has the finest MPPT granularity in the industry. This minimizes the mismatch caused by bifacial PV modules.

After the project is completed, it is estimated that the annual energy yield will be 143.67 million kWh, promoting the comprehensive development of ecological fishery and the construction of an advanced state-level PV power generation application base.

The 1500V PV system becomes the global trend and is the preferred solution to reduce costs. The 1500V smart PV system with bifacial PV modules reduces the LCOE (levelised cost of energy) helping customers to achieve grid-tied power generation at a fair price.

Recently, a new report by consultancy firm IHS Market predicts that has grown from just 2 GW of shipments in 2016 to surpass the 30 GW milestone in 2018, 1500V inverters will continue their growth trajectory, and over 100 GW will be shipped in 2019 and 2020 combined.

It predicts that outside of China (which has been relatively slow to adopt the technology in comparison to international markets), 1500V products will account for 84% of high power PV inverter shipments in 2020, in comparison to just 11% four years previously.

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