JLM Energy launches MicroStorage ‘Phazr’ for applications from large utility scale to small residential

Phazr JLM

JLM Energy’s MicroStorage ‘Phazr’ is about the size of a small brief case, weighing approximately 15 pounds

JLM Energy announced the launch of energy storage product named as Phazr. The microstorage couples a battery pack directly to a corresponding solar panel. The company is touting it as the first solution that enables the dual supply of power from solar to batteries and the grid simultaneously.

A key advantage of MicroStorage is that a single solar panel can concurrently charge a battery and deliver energy to the grid. In the late hours of the day, as solar power diminishes, the system discharges the battery while at the same time delivers remaining solar power directly to the building said the JLM Energy in a statement. The simultaneous nature of electron flow is unique to JLM’s patent-pending technology.

Phazr can be mounted behind the solar panel, enabling installation simple and virtually cost free. Phazr is designed for large scale solar plus storage applications, and is also perfectly suited for smaller residential and commercial installs.

Phazr’s patent-pending technology is included in JLM’s energy technology bundle and is operated by Measurz software, which continually observes energy usage patterns and utilizes a variety of strategies to maintain a pre-set budget determined by the customer.

JLM Energy CEO & Founder Farid Dibachi said, “Phazr is an absolute game-changer that will drive the rapid adoption of energy storage. It is designed to lower the total cost of ownership.” He added “MicroStorage implements the lessons learned in the solar industry and applies them to the growth of the energy storage industry. Simple installation, no single point of failure, and configurability are all attributes that are needed to help fuel growth.”

JLM Energy’s MicroStorage ‘Phazr’ is about the size of a small brief case, weighing approximately 15 pounds. In addition to new solar installations, it can be easily retrofitted on existing solar systems and is field replaceable.

Phazr integrates lithium iron phosphate batteries that, unlike Lithium-Ion batteries, are chemically, structurally, and thermally safe. JLM Energy’s Phazr operates at a low voltage (20-40 V), it is designed to scale with installation, and has a 20-year warranty.

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