Increased Wind, Hydro Power Surged Renewable Generation In July

Highlights :

  • The latest data from CEA said that wind power and hydro power projects generated more power in July than in June.
  • It also claimed that the generation of solar and biomass declined in July compared to June.
Increased Wind, Hydro Power Surged Renewable Generation In July

An analysis of the latest monthly renewable energy generation data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) claimed that the increased generation of clean energy from wind power projects and small and hydropower projects led to an overall increase in non-fossil fuel energy generation in July this year.

However, the data also revealed that solar energy generation during July, a prominent rainy season, witnessed a decline compared to its generation in June this year. Interestingly, on a Year-on-Year basis, generation from almost all renewable energy sources witnessed a surge, with the highest growth seen in wind power generation.

The RE generation data claimed that in June, the total monthly generation from wind power projects in India stood at 11,557 Million Units (MUs), which increased to 12,449 in July. Similarly, the small hydro projects generated 735 MU of power in June, but its production notched up to 1,249 MU in July.

Moreover, the large hydro powers also witnessed a good jump. Its generation in June stood at 14,334 MU, which increased up to 17,924 MU in July. Similar growths were. However, some of the clean energy forms saw decreased generation, like biomass and solar.

While solar was a generation of 9607 MU in June, it reached 8435 MU in July, showing a decline. Biomass energy stood at 288 in June, which decreased to 261 MU in July. 

However, all RE forms, solar, biomass and others witnessed a rise in their generation in July this year compared to its figures from July last year. This overall increase has led to more overall generation. In June this year, India produced 39,936 MU of total renewable power (including hydro), whereas in July, this increased to 40,672 MU. 

Regarding India’s total energy mix, the total contribution of renewable sources (including hydro) touched 27 percent, whereas thermal energy sources take the lion’s share of 69 percent. Nuclear energy had a share of 4 percent in July this year. 

This is in contrast to the overall trend of the current fiscal. The CEA data said that thermal energy accounted for 74 percent of power generation in India between April and July of this year. The share of renewable during this period stands at 23 percent.

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