Govt Modifies Provision; Cuts Application Fees for Small Solar Module Manufacturers

In a significant step towards providing further relief to small solar module manufacturers, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has modified its existing provisions related to application fees.

Solar Manufacturing

As per the new provisions, for small photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers having total installed manufacturing capacity less than or equal to 50 MW, the application fee for one model of module will be Rs 2,500 per MW of the total installed manufacturing capacity for solar PV modules, of the applicant.

Earlier, this application fee was Rs 5,000 per MW of the total installed manufacturing capacity for solar PV modules as well as for cells. Also, in case of application consists of multiple models, application fee remained Rs 5,000 per MW for one model and additional 1 percent of this for every additional model.

But now, after the modified provisions by the government this fee has been reduced to a much greater extent for small manufacturers which will help in providing more level playing field to them.

For example – if an applicant having total installed manufacturing capacity of solar PV modules as 100 MW, applies for enlistment of its 3 different models of modules, the application fee shall be 5,000×100 + 5,000x100x0.01 + 5,000x100x0.01 = Rs 5,10,000.

Now, after the modification in the provisions such application fee for a 50 MW manufacturing capacity would be 2,500×50 + 2,500x50x0.01 + 2,500x50x0.01 = Rs 1,27,500.

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Manu Tayal

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