First EOI For GREGY Interconnection Between Greece And Egypt Called

First EOI For GREGY Interconnection Between Greece And Egypt Called

The GREGY project, or Green interconnector between Greece and Egypt has moved one step ahead with the call forexpression of interest for studies on the project. ELICA Mediterranean Electrical Interconnection S.M. S.A., a member of Copelouzos Group, which is developing the GREGY electrical interconnection project, has published the first two calls for expression of interest for the final studies of the project.

The first two calls were published in both the Greek and international Greek press, as well as on the company’s website for the necessary “Desktop Studies” for the finalization of the optimal choice of the submarine cable route and the landing points in the two countries, as well as the “Technical analysis of the project and the studies for the calculation of benefit indicators and cost-benefit analysis for the project”.

From Africa To Europe, GREGY Project

From Africa To Europe-Bound By Green Energy

The GREGY project has been included in the 1st PCI/PMI list of the European Union and concerns the electrical interconnection of the electricity systems of Egypt and Greece, which includes an HVDC connection with a capacity of 3,000 MW, for the transmission of 100% green energy from Egypt to Greece and Europe.

The publication of the calls constitutes the next phase in the development of GREGY in order to expedite the implementation of this major national and European project. The electricity interconnection between Greece and Egypt is an energy leap forward for electricity interconnections in the Mediterranean and an upgrade of Greece’s role in the energy map of South East Europe.

The closing date for the submission of the Expression of Interest for the first two tenders is 31th May 2024.

Planned as one of multiple Africa-Europe interconnection projects that seek to utilise solar energy from Africa for South East Europe and beyond, the GREGY project is scheduled to start operations from 2030 or beyond.


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