Primed For Growth, Cosmic PV Power Rides India’s Solar Manufacturing Boom

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Based in Gujarat, Cosmic PV Power Private Limited is primed to ride India’s solar growth with capacity expansions. The firm’s Founder & Managing Director, Shravan Gupta, has spent more than ten years in the fields of distribution, marketing, product development, relationship management and brand building for several companies. In a conversation with SaurEnergy, Gupta talks about the rise of Cosmic PV Power and trends in the solar industry.

Primed For Growth, Cosmic PV Power Rides India’s Solar Manufacturing Boom Shravan Gupta

Cosmic PV Power

Tell us about the current capacity of Cosmic PV Power.

Cosmic PV Power Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2020, with a view to manufacture solar modules. The firm has developed engineering capabilities in producing high-efficiency PV modules in line with the Make in India objective. After the successful completion of the existing 250 MW manufacturing facility at Surat, we are adding one more unit of 600 MW in multi BB solar manufacturing facilities with a cumulative capacity of 850 MW .

Cosmic provides standard and customized high quality and efficient PV modules within the range of 40 W to 550 W and above. Well qualified, specialist staff and engineers work on our fully automated robotic production facilities. We provide top-quality solar modules which help us achieve excellent production results.  Quite simply, we aim to be the youngest and most high energy solar firm in the Indian market with our ambition and execution.

Tell us about your EPC and rooftop business?

The entry into the EPC side of the business has been a great help in keeping us in touch with actual consumers, and staying abreast with the latest market trends and needs. Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative and reliable solar energy solutions to customers across India. We will continue to support the growth of this business considering the expanding opportunities on offer.

The industry is making a shift towards higher-wattage panels…

The current solar industry has been rapidly shifting towards larger, higher-wattage panels. The basic nature of photovoltaic technology is such that higher efficiencies ultimately result in lower costs, so, eventually, with mass volumes and competition, high-efficiency modules will be priced at the same level or even lower than the conventional ones. Since the most common technology used to increase efficiency has been multi-busbars (MBB). However, mono PERC cells have become significantly more affordable and have nearly taken over the Indian market.

What are the trends that will dominate the Indian solar manufacturing industry?

The solar PV segment is expected to dominate power capacity segment as we are seeing, owing to declining costs of solar modules and the versatility of these systems for various applications of electricity generation. The government has also stepped up with support in the form of the PLI scheme and other initiatives to support domestic manufacturing. The market will shift decisively to high efficiency modules, besides the high degree of self sufficiency in raw materials like cells and wafers. By 2025, we believe India has a very high chance of being self sufficient and a strong exporter in this domain, from being a net importer currently.

Cosmic is gaining prominence in the OEM space. What factors can be attributed to this growth?

We are committed to the idea of Make-in-India, which aligns well with out belief system as well as business practices with domestic manufacturers. Apart from solar cells, all manufacturing requirements are met domestically. We have a qualified design and QC team, which works in coordination with our trained, skillful and experienced production team to meet quality superior quality standards. Our packing standards are well-defined, that suit customer needs. Cosmic follows ethical business practices and believes in forging business relations with all of its clients in an extremely professional manner. Our customers have never been disappointed when it comes to meeting delivery commitments and the quality of raw materials. No wonder, Cosmic is gaining prominence all over the country in the OEM space.

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