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Q. Please tell us something about Insolation Energy’s efforts towards – ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Vikas Jain Director of Insolation Energy

Vikas Jain Director of Insolation Energy

To manufacture Solar PV Modules with high quality, long lasting, reliable and with prudent practices under “Make in India” campaign, we strive & leverage the solar energy technology for greener, sustainable and better future.

We, at Insolation Energy, aim to achieve the goal of clean, environmental friendly, cost effective and easily available energy to each and every citizen of the country.

Our aim is to provide clean and green electricity at affordable price to one and all. We provide flexible & customized high-tech PV solutions and reliable support to fit your specific needs.


Q. In your view, will the implementation of safeguard duty on solar imports for two years help in safeguarding the interests’ of solar manufacturers?

With implementation of safeguard duty for 2 years, we hope that Indian domestic module industry will get much needed respite from the hawkish Chinese module pricing policy. We would be able to establish & prove our products by making supplies to domestic projects which were earlier unavailable for us due to low Chinese prices. But we still feel that government should allow duty free import of solar cells as these are still not available in India.

Q. With changing technology and cut-throat competition with international players, how do you manage the cost factor?

At Insolation Energy, we strive hard to maintain a balance between quality & cost. Since our manufacturer facility is at par with international standards so we are able to strike a balance between cost & quality. INA Solar panels have successfully passed all the quality standards not only at our manufacturing facility but also at international quality labs & customer sites. We always buy high quality raw material in bulk quantity so as to reduce the purchase price & making INA competitive.

Q. Please shed some light on Insolation Energy’s state of-the-art automatic PV Module manufacturing facility and is there any new technology on which you are currently working on.

Insolation Energy is rather a new manufacturing unit where we have installed latest technology automatic equipments with minimum manual intervention making a one of the most advanced manufacturing line in India. All the testing equipments are placed in line so that not even a single module can leave the factory without thorough testing.

Since, solar module manufacturing is a very fast changing sector we constantly keep an eye on new upcoming technologies & try to adopt as soon as they are available.

Q. In your view, what should be done by the government not only to promote Indian manufacturing but also exports of Indian modules to other countries?

Definitely! There is lot to be done to promote export of solar module from India. Government should envisage some plan for solar sector as they do for various other sectors. Still Made-in-India modules are not necessarily asked in government tenders more over government is not doing anything for the undue demand of Tier-I module suppliers from the financial institutions.

Q. How do you ensure the quality of the products manufactured at your facilities?

We have a separate quality department for IQC (Incoming Quality Check), IPQC (In Process Quality Check) & FQC (Final Quality Check) reporting to a QC Manager. All the testing equipments are placed in line so that not a single module misses any testing station. All the equipments calibrated time to time. The tests for which we do not have in house facility we get that conducted at third party laboratory.

Our FQC department ensures that not a single piece of module with any defect shall be supplied to any customer & we are happy to say that from more than 2 lakh panels supplied so far we have receive complaint from only 2 panels till date.

Q. Is there any further expansion plans in the next five years?

We are planning one more line very soon so that our capacity will increase upto 200 MW per annum. We hope that due to spurt in domestic manufacturing capacities due to safeguard duty. We make plan one more unit in NCR.

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