Deye To Start Manufacturing Inverters, ESS in India Soon: Bharat Singh

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Bharat Singh TN, Director (Sales, Marketing, and Operations) of Deye Inverters in India, spoke to Saur Energy about its plans to start manufacturing inverters and energy storage devices. Excerpts: 

Deye To Start Manufacturing Inverters, ESS in India Soon: Bharat Singh Deye To Start Manufacturing Inverters, ESS in India Soon: Bharat Singh

How has the journey of Deye in India been till now? 

In the last two years, Deye has increased its presence in India. We earlier, introduced our hybrid inverters to ensure our brand gets recognition in the country’s renewable sector. We also launched on-grid inverters. In the recently-concluded REI Expo in Greater Noida, we introduced our 350KW micro inverters and energy storage devices for the utility-scale sector and the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) segment. 

How much inroads Deye has made in the Indian renewable market? 

The acceptance of our products in India has been good and increasing. Our consumers find these products affordable, sustainable, and of high-quality. This is because of our robust and quality research and development network. Around 500 persons in China are undertaking the arduous task of continuously improving the technology and keeping pace with adopting the new demands. We have been able to create our products for mass adoption.

What is the status of your distribution network?

As solar and energy storage seem to have a great future in the Indian renewable sector, we have strategically planned to cater to this demand. Initially, we had multiple distributors with no channel partners. Since last year, we have made several distributors and channel partners. We are interacting with district-level clients. We have now come up with bigger products for energy storage, and we are interacting with the developers, also.

What is the USP of Deye? 

We are superior to others in our technology. Our advanced topology for inverters with space vector pulse width modulation gives us 0.7 percent more efficiency. Strategically, we are planning energy storage products required for the Indian market. It will likely help us increase our share of the Indian power market. 

Any plans to localize your production? 

Yes. We have plans for local production. It is because of the rise in demand for energy storage in India. India’s solar growth story has been phenomenal and only increasing. The government is also developing more tenders for energy storage devices for renewable energy projects. We have also decided to set up our manufacturing plant of inverters and energy storage devices to cater to the growth and help India achieve its net-zero targets. Our management has also agreed on that. 

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