80% Charge in 20 Minutes? Possible, Says EV Charger Quench

80% Charge in 20 Minutes? Possible, Says EV Charger Quench

Quench, a firm that produces EV chargers, has launched ‘Tallboy’ which is among the world’s fastest EV chargers. The parent company of Quench is Pune-headquartered Ador Digatron- a global market leader that looks into the development and manufacture of test and formation charging systems for batteries.

Needless to say, ‘Tallboy’ is already creating waves around the world. Catch Onkar Garudkar, Marketing Lead, Ador Digatron, in an exclusive conversation with Saur Energy International about the newly launched charger.


To begin with, what inspired the name ‘Tallboy’? How fast is the EV charger?

Generally our process for naming any of our products is fairly simple, it is whatever the charger makes the end user feel when they experience the charger. So be it our 30kW OASIS since it is likely used for an opportunistic charge or our 60 – 120kW QUENCH CLASSIC. Similarly, our 180 – 240kW charger is the tallest charger that we have in our line of products thus we named it “The Tallboy”. The Tallboy is a 180kW Charger that can be upgraded to 240kW if your demand increases, it provides one of the fastest charging experiences in India.

Quench Tallboy

The charger is designed for the global market and will be deployed in various parts of the EU, USA, South East Asia, and the Middle East in addition to India. The charger is suited for premium electric cars like the Mercedes EQS, EQC, Jaguar I-pace, Audi Etron, Kia EV6,​etc- charging from 0 to 80% in nearly 20 mins. The charger is also suitable for electric buses which follow the CCS2 charging standard.

What is the price range of the Tallboy? How does it compare to similar chargers in the market?
We cannot share the price range as of yet but we are highly competitive in the market. Our aim at Quench is to provide the most reliable charging experience to the users, in an environment where you hope that the charger is functional when you turn up. We want the users to be rest assured when they turn up to a Quench Charger.
What is the sales target you’re eyeing? What is your marketing plan? 
Our plan with Quench right from its inception is that we are born global, the chargers that we make in our manufacturing facility in Pune are exported to various parts of the world ranging from various parts of Europe to South East Asia to Down Under. Our plan will always be to make products and solutions which are inspired by the most toughest conditions in the world.
When is the EV charger available for purchase and where in India and abroad can one buy it?
When is the EV charger available for purchase and where in India and abroad can one buy it?
We already have a lot of preorders already from India and abroad, and the shipping will start in early December. Any operator interested in the Quench Tallboy 180 can head on to our website and drop in an inquiry.

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