5 Solar Products that Impressed Us

1. SolarPuff Solar Lantern

solarpuff solar lanternPRODUCT BRIEF: This award-winning solar light is engineered with an origami inspired, self-inflating design and creates beautiful, clean light in 3 colours: bright white, warm and multicolour.

PRODUCT FEATURES: It’s light weight, just 2.5 ounces and it floats and can withstand complete immersion under water. For as many hours as you charge it in the sun, it will provide light for just as long. For example, 5 hours of charging in the sun will provide illumination to light up a 10 X 10 room for 5-8 hours.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Made from eco-friendly, recyclable PET sailcloth, the SolarPuff™ is lightweight, collapsible, waterproof and durable, even in extreme weather.

AVAILABILITY: The product has moved from a $446,940 kickstarter campaign to full scale production and is available for purchase on the firms website

2. Lumos Thrillseeker Solar Backpack

lumos thrillseeker solar backpackProduct Brief: With a built in Solar Fabric, the Lumos Thrillseeker solar backpack, can take rain, dirt, and even big impacts. Primarily, a 12-liter hydration bag it has been designed for great stability and clings to the wearer even during the roughest of trail rides.

Product Features: The backpack features adequate reflectors for safety and cross-straps for weight distribution. The bag is water-resistant and ships with a rain cover. The Solar Fabric charges a proprietary Lithium-based battery inside the bag which can be used to charge GPS devices, Bike Lights or Smartphones.

Benefits: The curved profile of the backpack fits the rider snugly, thereby reducing the strain of carrying a backpack during activities. The lithium based battery can be used to charge any USB compatible device on the go, and the water rating of the backpack and solar fabric make it easily the preferred choice on adventure trails.

Availability: The backpack is available on select e-commerce websites like amazon.in where it retails for Rs 4000.

3. ‘Argus PT’ Outdoor Pan Tilt Security Camera

argus pt outdoor pan tilt security cameraProduct Brief: Reolink’s has added to its flagship batterypowered security camera lineup with the unique and revolutionary ‘Argus PT’ outdoor pan tilt security camera.

Product Features: The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery or Reolink Solar Panel, which enables customers to charge the camera directly without replacing the battery. The camera has an ultra-wide viewing angle with 355-degree pan and 140-degree tilt design. The IP65 weatherproof rating enables it to endure extreme weather conditions.

Benefits: The camera adopts an industry-leading starlight CMOS image sensor and is able to shoot stunning images, even in the dark. The video footage can be recorded at the maximum rating of 1080p full HD. Customers can configure or access the camera with smartphones or computers and whenever there are motion events, the system sends out a real-time app or email push notifications to alert the user.

Availability: The product currently retails for $118.99 on the company’s official website and a few select e-commerce websites.

4. AI-powered Earbuds

ai powered earbudsPRODUCT BRIEF: Pearl, a new wireless earbud that rivals Apple’s popular audio product, the Airpods Pro.

PRODUCT FEATURES: The earbuds boast groundbreaking design, noise cancellation, and solar charging. Pearl earbuds allow for 60 hours of playtime when paired with the included solar charging case. In its first three days, the brand generated over USD 120,000 in pre-orders.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The product boasts of Active Noise Cancellation, Solar Charging, Premium Sound, Water Resistance and even Touch Control. The charging case comes with USB-C, Wireless Qi or industry first solar charging. Developed with Weide electronics, the case comes with solar discs that can be pulled out for charging in environments where outlets may not be available.

AVAILABILITY: The product is now available for preorder on Indiegogo

5. SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds

solargaps smart solar blindsPRODUCT BRIEF: The smart solar blinds by SolarGap are the most economical and efficient solution for for those who can’t or don’t want to install rooftop solar panels to reduce their monthly power bill.

PRODUCT FEATURES: SolarGaps smart blinds automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting position to the optimal angles to generate solar electricity to power devices in your home, apartment or office. Built-in solar panels can generate up to 100W-150W of renewable energy per 10 sq. ft. of a window, enough to power 30 LED light bulbs or three MacBooks.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: With apartment renters in mind, the interior wall brackets are designed as a non-permanent, plug & play solution with additional installation options for homeowners to maximise energy production. In addition to generating solar energy, the window blinds also save energy by shading your home interior and reducing air condition cost by up to 80 percent.

AVAILABILITY: The firm raised USD 102,354 through its kickstarter campaign and has since moved to production phase.

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