CLEAN Network Report on State of the Decentralized Renewable Energy Sector in India 2019/20

The fourth edition of the ‘State of the Decentralized Renewable Energy Sector in India 2019/20’ report was recently launched by the CLEAN Network, in an attempt to present an overview of the developments in the DRE sector for the financial year. Surveying 63 DRE businesses, the report showed that there was a growth in the number of profitable RE businesses, as at least 62 percent of the members surveyed reported that they have been profitable in FY 2019/20 as compared to 45% of the members FY 2018/19. While, 86% of the members were able to meet their projected revenue. The report, however, also stated that the DRE sector wasn’t immune to the impact of COVID-19. 50% of the members reported increased revenue loss between quarter 4 of FY 2019/20 and quarter 1 of FY 2020/21. Members stated their opinion that to overcome the adverse economic effects of the pandemic, various sources of debt and CSR funds can be helpful.