Renewable Energy Provider, charging network tie up to push EV’s in Texas

Highlights :

  • The tie up between Rhythm energy and EVgo is just one of many tactics being deployed to encourage EV adoption.
  • To capture the growing EV market, innovative business models, such as community charging and service aggregators, are emerging.
Renewable Energy Provider, charging network tie up to push EV’s in Texas

Among the many challenges facing the global electric vehicles (EV) industry today is the need to construct business models that, rather than being limited to value chains or industry competitors, can address the broader value network or ecosystem. This means that because EVs integrate a variety of previously independent actors — for instance, electric utilities and public charging providers— a successful EV business model must account for new partnerships that cater to the customers’ diverse needs.

Efforts in the right direction have led to the emergence of innovative business models such as community charging (i.e. stores, restaurants, hotels, or cities that offer free charging to customers) and service aggregators (i.e. parking facility operators able to manage a substantial number of low-power charge points that coordinate charging and provide grid services to offset costs), among others.

The latest addition to this list is a new partnership comes from the US, where Rhythm Energy, a Texas-based renewable energy provider, and EVgo, a public fast EV charging network, which has led to the launch of a unique energy plan.

Texans who sign up for Rhythm’s Simply Drive plan will get a fixed-rate plan backed by 100% clean sources like hydro, wind, and solar. They will also receive $100 in complimentary charging with EVgo and its roaming partner networks where they can access more than 46,000 L2 and DC fast chargers nationwide.

“The transportation market is electrifying at a rapid pace, especially in Texas,” said P.J. Popovic, CEO of Rhythm Energy. “Charging electric vehicles with renewable energy is good for wallets, lifestyles and the planet…We’re proud to bring this plan to market in support of Texans who have made the choice to use electric vehicles.”

Many mutual benefits are expected to result from the new partnership: Rhythm’s EV-using customers will be drawn to EVgo’s services, expanding the latter’s business. Other customers of Rhythm will hopefully be encouraged to consider shifting to EVs. Additionally, EVgo’s Texan customers may be expected to turn to Rhythm for their energy needs.

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