Powin Signs Up for 5.8 GWh of storage across US, Taiwan

Powin Signs Up for 5.8 GWh of storage across US, Taiwan

Powin Energy, a global leader in the design and manufacture of scalable battery energy storage solutions, has announced that it has signed framework agreements with four developers to purchase 5,800 megawatt-hours (MWh) of battery energy storage systems to be allocated across multiple projects in the United States and Taiwan. The energy storage systems will be delivered in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Powin had recently launched its Centipede battery storage system,  the company’s first fully modular design, complete with pre-integrated segments containing batteries, thermal management equipment, and essential safety systems.

As a part of the framework agreement, Powin will provide fully integrated battery energy storage systems including cells, battery management, stacks, enclosures, cabling, transformers, inverters, and all software and controls system. A majority of these supply agreements will utilize Powin’s Centipede platform produced in North America. Powin will be responsible for commissioning the battery energy storage systems and for providing ongoing long-term services including onsite O&M, battery augmentation and 20-year extended warranties for all projects included under these agreements.

Geoff Brown, CEO of Powin, said, “We are pleased to reach these landmark framework agreements with a number of our customers. With the significant strides that Powin has made as a company in the previous 12 months, these agreements signify that we have built a superior level of trust within the energy storage industry. These agreements are with some of the industry’s most well-respected developers with healthy pipelines of projects located near some of the largest power hubs throughout the American West and Northeast, as well as Asia. The framework agreements will ensure that our customers will have Powin products to build their projects.”

For nearly the past decade, Powin has worked to advance its patented battery management technology and develop market leading product offerings. Headquartered in Oregon, Powin has built over 2,000 MWh of systems in 12 states and 8 countries. Powin has a contracted pipeline to supply over 5,000 MWh of energy storage systems globally over the next three years.

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