Erisha E Mobility in JV with German Partner Greenbox for Green Hydrogen Business

Highlights :

  • The JV aims to offer solutions for sustainable energy production, conversion, storage, and service systems.
Erisha E Mobility in JV with German Partner Greenbox for Green Hydrogen Business

Erisha E Mobility, an entity of Rana Group, that envisions manufacturing, distributes, and exports electric vehicles segment and hydrogen fuel cell buses, has entered into a Joint Venture with German partner Greenbox Global Holding (Greenbox), incorporating Erisha Hydrogen India Private Limited.

What the JV offers

The JV aims to offer solutions for sustainable energy production, conversion, storage, and service systems. Erisha is confident that the unique technologies developed by Greenbox such as its AI-based prediction algorithm and virtualized business approach will enable it to improve overall hydrogen production productivity by up to 25% in comparison to state-of-the-art electrolyser installations and will make hydrogen competitive in the mobility markets. This will enable a wide range of innovative business models for green hydrogen technologies, such as off-grid energy supply, grid balancing services, peak shaving and super fuel production.

The innovative technology for energy management optimization can be used in electric vehicles as well and will help to eliminate green-house gas emissions, increase the use of renewable energy and lower the energy consumption of the vehicle. In this context, Erisha E Mobility has earlier announced the launch of E- Superior Electric Cargo Loader, E- Supreme Electric Delivery Van and E- Smart Electric Passenger vehicle three-wheeler auto in L5 category including EV charging stations.

On the joint venture, Darshan Rana, Chairman and Managing Director, Rana Group, said,Green hydrogen is seen as a key solution for reducing the reliance on traditional carbon-based fuels. Erisha Hydrogen India Private Limited has gone into the green hydrogen business with the German partner Greenbox with the aim of providing clean, sustainable energy solutions that can help create a more sustainable future. While our company’s mission is to go for hydrogen vehicles, this partnership is going to enhance our plans to focus on the EV and hydrogen vehicles business.”

Emphasising the significance of hydrogen fuel, Darshan Rana further adds, “Hydrogen is seen as a key ingredient in the move to a more sustainable energy mix, as it can be used to store and transport energy from renewable sources like wind and solar. Our company models are going to help to reduce emissions and increase the use of renewable energy, making it a key player in the fight against climate change.”

 On the joint venture with Erisha Hydrogen India Private Limited and entering the Indian market, Dr. Henning Heppner CEO and Co-Founder of Greenbox said, “Our vision is to form a new way of urban living, communication and co-creation based on embedded systems and interdependence. Based in the German Capital of Berlin with a branch office in Austria, Greenbox has been able to create an upright statute for hydrogen business in Europe providing solutions and applications in the public and private sectors. The Erisha E Mobility- Greenbox joint venture is going to stimulate the respective skills and technologies.”

Projects in pipeline

The move into the green hydrogen business is just one of the many steps Erisha E Mobility is taking to create a more sustainable future, the firm informs. The company is also working on other projects that will help it reduce its carbon footprint and improve its environmental performance aligning with the Government future plans.

The firm reveals that it is also planning to develop hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines under collaboration with a European partner. In addition to EV charging frameworks, Erisha E Mobility is supporting structures and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the process, along with a roadmap for ensuring its implementation as per the guidelines laid down by the Indian Government.

Greenbox’s Other Firms

Greenbox Global Holding, with its headquarter in Berlin, Germany, connects leading players in infrastructure and energy, to develop innovative smart city and p2x solutions. From 2016 to 2021 GreenBox created and operated the innovation Lab called InfraLab where Berlin utility companies develop cross sector smart city solutions together. Moreover, the company targets players in the energy, infrastructure and mobility markets that have identified innovation needs in the areas of supplying green energy with focus on hydrogen.

Based on a vertical approach that identifies market gaps and unmet demands, the subsidiary Greenbox Mobile Energy (GME) was recently founded.

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