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Xerox working on digital printing process for mass production of solar photovoltaic systems

Xerox’s R&D-focused subsidiary PARC is developing a new digital printing process for mass-production of cheaper concentrated photovoltaic systems. These systems are expected to increase efficiency of solar cells by using lens, which can distillate sunlight on small cells. Price of solar module has already dropped sharply in the past, but increase in efficiency may cut […]

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Here is how you can calculate the annual solar energy output of a photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system is designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics. It entails arrangement of several components including solar panels which absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, a solar inverter which changes the electric current from DC to AC and other electric accessories like cable to set up a working system. With […]

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Greater Noida plans to turn waste land into power plant fueled by Sun

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has announced to turn waste land into solar power plant. GNIDA will set up four solar plants of 1MW each on waste lands reports TOI. Currently six solar plants on rooftop of government buildings generate 2.65MW of solar power for the city. Waste lands for four plants will […]

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Domestic firms dominated Jharkhand‘s 1.2 GW Solar Tender

Jharkhand’s first bulk tender of solar power projects of 1.2GW received interest from Indian companies. The state issued tender to allocate 1200 MW of solar power projects to private developers in December last year. Early this month Results announced  by the Jharkhand government shows bids placed by successful project developers range between Rs 5.08/kWh and […]

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Canada’s Suncor submits proposal to build three 80 MW solar PV farm

Canada’s largest oil sands producer Suncor has submitted a proposal to the Alberta Electric System Operator to build three 80 MW solar PV farms in the state. This is the first time that the company is foraying into solar energy. The proposal from the firm includes sum of 240MW solar PV plants in the stand […]

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India to become the 3rd Largest PV Market to overpower Japan – Reports

India’s overall solar project in pipeline now stands at a staggering 23 GW. More than half of it is expected to come online within two years. Bridge to India estimates capacity addition of 4.8 GW solar power plants by this year and over 9 GW in 2017 excluding capacity additions in the rooftop and open […]

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ACME wins 75 MW project in Jharkhand

ACME India has announced that it has expanded its solar power projects portfolio to 1229 MW with the latest addition of 75 MW project in Jharkhand. The financial bid from ACME for the tariff of Rs. 5.73 (25 MW) and 5.48 (50 MW) for 25 years was announced during the final bids opening by Jharkhand […]

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