Wood Mackenzie

US Solar Witnesses Over 50% New Capacity Addition To The Grid: Report

A recent report by US-based think tank Wood Mackenzie and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimated a 37% increase in new electric generating capacity in 2023 in the United States. This indicated an increase from the previous record set in 2021 and a 51% increase from 2022. According to the US Solar Market Insight 2023 […]

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China To Hold 80% Wind Deployment In Asia-Pacific In Five Years: Report

A recent report by Wood Mackenzie on the renewable energy growth in Asia Pacific market stated, “Despite short-term hurdles such as cost inflation, construction delays and higher interest rates, the economics of offshore wind are improving strongly in the late 2020s. It’s supporting a strong future for the technology in Asia Pacific markets.” The Wood […]

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Five Trends Which Can Shape Lithium-Ion Market In 2024

The lithium market is experiencing a period of transition as demand growth slows and the industry adjusts to changing dynamics, according to Wood Mackenzie’s ‘Lithium: Five things to watch in 2024’ report. It stated, “While lithium remains a crucial raw material for batteries, its growth rate is decelerating due to a maturing market, subdued electric […]

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Hybrid RE Power Can Cut LCOE Of Green H2 Upto $4.3/kg By 2030: Report

A latest report from Wood Mackenzie claimed that solar-wind hybrid energy can be used to bring down the cost of production of Green Hydrogen. Wood Mackenzie is a research organization that published reports on energy and related issues. The latest report was specifically talked about the roadmap of India’s renewable sector to achieve net-zero. The Wood […]

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GoodWe Among Top Three PV Inverter Suppliers in Europe: Report

GoodWe, a solar solutions company, revealed that it stood among the top three solar PV inverter suppliers in Europe for the year 2022. According to a report by Wood Mackenzie, an energy research agency, GoodWe held a notable 7% share in the European market in the preceding year. Its PV inverter shipments to Europe rose […]

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Solar Production Costs In China Falls By 42% In 2023: Wood Mackenzie

A latest report states that the cost of producing solar modules in China has dropped by 42% in the last 12 months to US$0.15 per watt (/W). This gave manufacturers in the country cost advantage over international rivals according to the New Horizons report from Wood Mackenzie. The report looks at ‘Five low-carbon tech trends […]

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US Expected To Add 33 GW Of Solar Capacity In 2023: Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie, a research-based organization and SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association), a solar industry association of the US shared an update on installed utility PV capacity in the US. Based on evidence, it estimates solar capacity can reach 4 GW by 2023. It showcases that the sector has achieved 58% growth compared to Q3 2022. […]

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Rise In Renewables In Europe Can Curb Up to 67% Emissions: Report

A recent event by Wood Mackenzie shared an analysis on the current growth in Europe’s flexible renewable energy. The report finds that, European power market will see its carbon intensity plummet. It accredits this rise with the change in ambitious climate-energy policies. Moreover, it finds that, flexibility to be key to enable this change, according to […]

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China Belt & Road Initiative Brings 128GW Power Capacity: Wood Mackenzie

A latest report from Wood Mackenzie said that Chinese companies completed over 300 overseas power projects. This was despite challenges causing over 20% of projects to be cancelled or shelved.  The report said that these Chinese firms have made an estimated investment value of around US$200 billion, over these 300 projects. The East Asian country […]

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