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As Solar Exports See Striking Surge, Indian PV Manufacturers Face New Challenges

China  continues its global domination when it comes to the solar supply chain. The leader brought online a whopping capacity of 87.41 GW of new solar power in 2022. As per an IEA report, it  contributed to nearly 90% of solar PV modules manufacturing capacity in 2022. The report further states that this Chinese supply […]

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Vikram Solar’s $1.5 Billion US Manufacturing Bet

News about Kolkata-based Vikram Solar’s plans for a manufacturing push into the US might have surprised a lot of industry watchers, but it is really not as surprising as it seems. A new venture backed by one of India’s oldest solar panel manufacturers at a serious scale announced plans last week to invest up to […]

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Solar PLI Tranche 2 Allocations Released, 48 GW Of Domestic Manufacturing Capacity By 2025-26

The government of India has allocated 39600 MW of domestic Solar PV module manufacturing capacity under PLI (Tranche-II), or the Solar PLI scheme to incentivise domestic manufacturing. The PLI or Performance Linked Incentive scheme offers financial incentives to manufacturers for meeting specific milestones in sales, linked indirectly to capacity creation. The PLI (Tranche-II) is expected […]

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Charge+Zone Partners up with Snap-E to Set up EV Charging Infrastructure for Fleet Transportation

Charge+Zone, a technology-driven EV charging network firm has announced partnership with Snap-E, a leading provider of reliable and eco-friendly public transport service. Under the phased partnership, EV charging infrastructure will be established for Snap-E’s fleet transportation. Charge+Zone, a tech-driven EV Charging infrastructure firm that specialises in charging networks for electric buses, trucks and electric cars, […]

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Vikram Solar, SnapE Cabs Sign UK-supported Zero Emission Vehicles Declaration

Kolkata-based firms, Vikram Solar and SnapE Cabs, have entered into a UK-supported Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Declaration. Through this agreement, the two firms are now a part of  Accelerating to Zero Coalition platform. The Accelerating to Zero (A2Z) Coalition is an an initiative launched at COP27 and looks at securing commitments to zero-emission vehicles transition […]

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Vikram Solar Awarded 350 MW Module Supply Order in US

Vikram Solar, one of India’s leading module manufacturers and comprehensive EPC solar solutions provider has been awarded a 350 MW module supply order from a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the United States (US). The project will be located in the state of Arizona. The firm claims that the order further strengthens Vikram Solar’s […]

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The Bridge to 280 GW Of Solar. Corporate India Steps Up

They have the money, resilience, and execution ability that can leave an indelible impact on India’s economy; but can the country’s corporates (C&I sector) open up a new growth engine for India’s solar movement? The time, it seems, has arrived. As always in India, among the stakeholders, there will be many who will want to […]

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Vikram Solar Welcomes Back Ivan Saha As CEO

Vikram Solar, one of India’s leading module manufacturers and comprehensive EPC solar solutions provider, has announced the appointment of Ivan Saha as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Saha was last working with leading developer Renew Power as its Chief Technical Officer, a role he took on after leaving Vikram Solar as its President and […]

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South India’s Second Big Renewable Push Starts Now

Introduction Back in 2014-15, when the new government of Prime Minister Modi first took stock, and hiked India’s renewable energy target 5 fold to 175 GW by 2022, a number of assumptions were made. From the share of solar (100 GW), to the share of rooftop solar within that (40 GW), Wind energy (60 GW) […]

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