California’s 500 MW Oberon Solar with Storage Project Sets Off Operation

A firm that develops, owns, and operates clean energy resources, such as solar PV, co-located storage, and green hydrogen, Intersect Power, has kickstarted the commercial operation for California-based 500 MW Oberon solar and storage project. The Oberson solar with storage project is in line with the USA’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) since it employs equipment […]

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Sungrow Takes Top Spot in BESS Integrator Market in 2022: Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie has released a report shedding light on the BESS Integrator market share rankings basis the number of BESS shipments in megawatt-hour (MWh) in 2022. The report finds that the global Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) integrator market has grown increasingly competitive in 2022. The top five global system integrators account for 62% of […]

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France’s Neoen Augments Queensland Battery Project to 270 MW/540 MWh

France’s Independent Power Producer firm which develops, finances, builds and operates solar power plants, wind farms and energy storage solutions, Neoen will be augmenting the the size of its Western Downs Battery project located in Queensland. The expansion is to keep step with the growing demand for storage in the Australian state. Formerly, the battery […]

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EV Price War: Ford Cuts Prices On Its F-150 Lightning Pickup

The softening in EV prices, driven by the correction in key raw material prices has reached the US markets with a jolt. Ford stretched the price war in the EV industry by announcing a sharp cut on the prices of its F-150 Lightning trucks on July 17. This includes a 17 per cent cut for […]

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Mercedes To Integrate With Tesla’s North American Charging Standard System

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its plans to integrate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) system into its electric vehicles (EVs) in North America, beginning in 2025. As a first step, the company will introduce an adaptor in 2024, enabling its existing Combined Charging System (CCS) EVs to charge on the NACS network. This integration will grant […]

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US Agri Startup Aigen Brings Solar Powered Robotics To Farm Cleanup

Aigen, a startup in the field of agricultural technology, based in Seattle, US has recently introduced a groundbreaking robotics platform that operates autonomously and can be scaled up easily. The USP of the platform is that it exploits solar and wind energy as its sole power sources. The firm claims that the Aigen Element Service […]

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Toyota’s Big Bet On Advanced Solid-State Batteries

Toyota announced on Tuesday its plans to incorporate high-performance solid-state batteries and other advanced technologies into their future electric vehicles (EVs) to improve driving range and reduce costs. For the Japanese and global auto major, solid state batteries have formed the lynchpin of a future push outside non-ICE vehicles with a technology and materials it […]

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Tesla’s Reignites Ambitions for Setting Up EV Plant, Pushing EV Sales in India

American automotive giant Tesla is keen to extend its reach in India and is mulling over the domestic incentives that it can avail with relation to car and battery manufacturing. It held discussions with government officials recently towards this goal. Tesla is looking to establish a factory in India, where it aims to build electric […]

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Explained: Can Higher Energy Density Batteries Power Air Travel ?

One of the world’s largest battery manufacturers, CATL, has recently unveiled its new condensed battery boasting an impressive 500 Wh/kg energy density. The significance of this can be gauged from the fact that the firm teased the idea of electrifying passenger aircraft with its new battery revelation. And yes, it’s not yet another ‘demonstrator’ with […]

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