Technical Seminar

Upgrading a Grid Connected PV System To An Energy Storage System

Even today, there is a widespread impression among many prospects that a solar system could mean grid independence. Unfortunately, by the time they actually understand the way most solar setups work, especially if you want the benefit of subsidies, they realise that the only way is a grid connected solar plant. However, that is changing. […]

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Solis Holds 1st Technical Seminar with 1 GW Celebration in Ahmedabad

Ginlong (Solis) Technologies, held its first technical seminar of 2021 in Ahmedabad, India at Hyatt Regency on February 12, 2021. Solis organized the event to update and share information of its new technology that are coming up in India and its recent milestone of cross 1 GW shipments. Solis entered India in 2015, and has […]

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