Solis Holds 1st Technical Seminar with 1 GW Celebration in Ahmedabad

Solis Holds 1st Technical Seminar with 1 GW Celebration in Ahmedabad

Ginlong (Solis) Technologies, held its first technical seminar of 2021 in Ahmedabad, India at Hyatt Regency on February 12, 2021. Solis organized the event to update and share information of its new technology that are coming up in India and its recent milestone of cross 1 GW shipments.

Solis Holds 1st Technical Seminar with 1 GW Celebration in Ahmedabad

Solis entered India in 2015, and has underlined its strong focus here by crossing the 1 GW milestone in India. The milestone, coming just over 5 years since the firm entered the market.

The Solis brand, which is the one used by the firm for global sales outside China, has been built on the back of a high focus on quality. Solis being the one of the Inverter manufacturer to get BIS listing for maximum ratings in India, Solis was also the first inverter manufacturer to pass PVEL (former part of DNV-GL) inverter reliability testing. The firm claims that 100% of inverters produced are duration-tested before shipment to reduce failures during installation.

Solis also displayed its 3 main inverters the Solis 255K, Solis 125K, and the Solis 110 K. The firms’ flagship inverter Solis 255K which was first launched in India in July 2020 was presented and demonstrated at the event.

The new ultra-high power inverter boasts of a 53 MPPTs design per MW which supports 200% DC/AC ratio. The High DC/AC ratio can further improve the power curve to optimize the comprehensive income of the PV plant.

Some inverters cannot achieve high DC/AC ratio due to the limitation of inputs. Solis 255K, with rated power up to 255kW, 12 MPPTs and 24 string inputs and 53 MPPTs design per MW meets the requirements of large-scale power plants and overall efficiency breaks through 99%. For the same 6.3MW block design, Solis 255K inverter solution can reduce LCOE by more than 3.5%.

In addition to the high DC/AC ratio, high-power, Bi-facial modules can also effectively reduce the LCOE, so are becoming much more popular and widely used. Aiming at the trend of high-power Bi-facial modules, Solis 255K upgrades and improves the hardware and software. Solis 255K DC input current and short-circuit current of each string can reach up to 15A and 25A, which perfectly adapts to high-power Bi-facial modules.

The 255K is the highest power string inverter available today, which perfectly matches with the high-power modules to help the system owner achieve a lower LCOE. Compared with low-power modules, high-power modules can effectively reduce the cost of DC cables, inverter foundation, land and labor. “255kW inverter + high power modules” VS “low power inverter + low power modules”, Cost savings on the AC side can result in approximately 7% reduction in the LCOE.

The Solis 255K has been designed and is capable enough to work with high DC/AC ratio and the high current carrying capabilities which are major concerns when using high-power bi-facial modules.

Solis celebrated its new milestone in the presence of over 100 of its customers and industry stakeholders at the successfully organized event.

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