Tarun Kapoor

MNRE Announces RPO Compliance Unit

The RPO Compliance Cell will coordinate with states, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and SERCs on all things related to the RPO. It will oversee monthly reports on RPO compliance, coordinate periodic reporting, and act on non-compliance with the appropriate authorities. To improve enforcement of key policies for clean energy deployment in the country, Ministry […]

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MNRE complains CERC against solar power shut off by Discoms

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has lodge a complaint against discoms to the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) stating that some discoms are not fully evacuating the solar power available to them, resulting in losses for solar developers. Discoms have been arbitrarily shutting off power from solar projects, for varying lengths of time, […]

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Ministry of Power Raises RPO Trajectory for both Discoms and States

Ministry of Power has raised the Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) trajectory for solar power in India. The Renewable Purchase Obligations makes it mandate for both Distribution Companies (Discoms) and states to purchase a certain percentage of their energy from renewable. Distribution Companies in India will now have to purchase 2.75% of their energy mix from […]

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