Sunlit Power

Kerala Automobiles Limited Gets Orders for 100 E-Autos

Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL) has secured a significant order for 100 e-autos to be delivered to Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. The order was placed through Arenq, KAL’s partner company. Arenq is actively working towards obtaining approval for KAL’s e-autos to operate in Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Once approved, KAL’s e-autos equipped with […]

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ARENQ & RDL Technologies Forge Partnership for Battery Monitoring

Manufacturer and distributor of storage batteries, ARENQ, has forged a five-year partnership with RDL Technologies for battery monitoring with IoT (Internet of Things) devices. RDL Technologies is a manufacturer of IoT products and software solutions. The firm will look after the development of IoT devices that will upload data from the Battery Management System (BMS) […]

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Sunlit Power, Lucas TVS Collaborate For Supply Of 50,000 EV Motors

Sunlit Power has announced that it has partnered with Lucas TVS and under the terms of the collaboration, it will supply 50,000 electric vehicle motors and controllers manufactured by the TVS Group firm to many industries. Sunlit Power is a storage battery manufacturer and distributor. The company manufactures the ARENQ brand of batteries. As per […]

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