SUN Mobility

Revfin Inks Deal With Sun Mobility For EV Financing

Electric Vehicle maker SUN Mobility and Revfin have collaborated to offering innovative financing solutions for fleet and passenger vehicles utilizing SUN Mobility’s Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. Revfin will finance two-wheelers for fleet business and three-wheelers for cargo and passenger vehicle segments. SUN Mobility also plans to deploy almost 100k of these vehicles under the BaaS model, […]

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Revfin Rings In $5 Mn From US International Development Finance Corporation

Revfin Services Private Limited, which delves into the Indian EV financing space, has secured $5 million from the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). The investment is part of DFC’s portfolio for ‘Impact and Innovation’ and seeks to promote inclusive financing for EV adoption in India. The funds raised from DFC will enable Revfin […]

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SUN Mobility, Pilipinas Shell to Bring Battery Swapping Technology to Philippines

A provider of energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs), SUN Mobility, has announced that it has recently signed a strategic agreement with the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. The partnership will explore the pilot deployment of SUN Mobility’s advanced battery-swapping technology in the Philippines for two and wheel-wheel electric vehicles. Philippines-based Pilipinas Shell Petroleum […]

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India’s EV Charging Roll Out, ‘Patla Pin’ Magic, And More Challenges

For a nation that embraced the mobile phone with breakneck speed, pricey prices notwithstanding, the heyday of Nokia phones in the late 90s and through early 2000s became synonymous with the thin-pin charger, which was very popular and ubiquitous at the time. Such was its ubiquity that it was assumed that everyone or every home […]

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Bengaluru’s SUN Mobility Looks Ahead With Fastest Charging Station in World

Investments in the EV sector are growing by the minute. In 2021, the sector saw investments worth $6 Bn. This number is expected to more than triple to $20 Bn by 2030. Against this backdrop, it’s no surprise that emobility firms are eyeing big projects and chasing gigantic targets. Bengaluru’s SUN Mobility, a leading provider […]

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SUN Mobility & Amazon Launch Battery Swapping Network in Maharashtra

Bengaluru-based Energy infrastructure and services provider, SUN Mobility has announced the launch of its battery-swapping network for electric vehicles in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is installing these battery swapping stations in collaboration with Amazon India. With the first set of stations placed at Amazon’s sites in Mumbai and Pune, SUN Mobility plans to deploy over […]

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Amazon India and SUN Mobility to Add Faster to EV Fleet With Battery Swapping

Amazon India is working together with SUN Mobility, a leading provider of energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs), to expand the deployment of EVs integrated with battery swapping technology for its transportation and logistics services. These EVs will contribute to Amazon India’s commitment of adding 10,000 electric vehicles in its India delivery fleet […]

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SUN Mobility, cKers Finance Partner to Decarbonise Last-mile Delivery

cKers Finance, an NBFC focused on financing sustainability and clean energy in India, has provided a debt financing facility to SUN Mobility, a provider of energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs). The capital being provided to SUN Mobility will be used to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles integrated with SUN Mobility’s swappable […]

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