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Slowly And Steadily, Battery Storage Builds Up To Make The Renewables Case Stronger

The announcement by Plus Power LLC of $1.8 billion in new financing for standalone battery storage, including the largest single such project financing to date, to help stabilize the U.S. electrical grid while incorporating more solar and wind energy should be welcomed. The news comes at a time when detractors have been challenging the relevance […]

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US Energy Secretary Talks Up 90% Reduction In Storage Costs by 2030

US Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm has indicated a target to reduce grid scale energy storage costs by 90 percent by 2030, to create conditions for the amount of storage that will be required by then to ensure stable grids and make the best use of renewable energy production by then. She was speaking as part […]

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FTM Storage Costs to Decline 30% by 2025 in Asia Pacific: WoodMac

All-in FTM battery storage system costs in Asia Pacific markets could decline by more than 30 percent by 2025, as per Wood Mackenzie. All-in front-of-the-meter (FTM) battery storage system costs in Asia Pacific markets could decline by more than 30 percent by 2025, according to research and consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie. Storage system prices fell […]

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Storage Emerging As Issue For Europe’s RE Growth

Europe, which has covered a lot of ground in terms of share of renewable energy in the grid, risks losing the advantages that should flow from these investments, says a report by research firm Woodmac. (Wood Mackenzie). Storage as a key driver is an issue we have also flagged earlier, at SaurEnergy in our October […]

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Decarbonising Of Grids To Accelerate Due To Dropping Storage Costs

Participants at one of the four technical sessions of the International Solar Alliance’s First World Solar Technology Summit held in India ventured into a key area- Decarbonising of Grids. An issue at the heart of the key challenge facing renewable energy, particularly, solar power. Grid Stability and adaptability. A key takeaway was that global regulators […]

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