Solis Seminar : Solution to “OV-G-V0X” alarm

Background In PV systems, grid over-voltage faults (OV-G-V0X) can occur frequently, especially in areas with weak grids and high solar PV grid-connected capacity. Such faults are common and in this episode of Solis seminar, we will share with you the causes of “OV-G-V0X”, and how to rectify the issue. Fault Description During normal operation of […]

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String Of Awards Recognise Solis at SNEC 2021 in China

Global string inverter major Solis received multiple awards at the International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition held at the 15th SNEC (2021), which concluded on June 5 in Shanghai, China. The company said that its innovative high current and high power inverters showcased the high quality customer experience, besides economical and reliable […]

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Solis And Booth E7-001 At SNEC. An Enduring Partnership

The SNEC PV Power Expo is the Global Solar Industry’s largest professional PV event held annually in Shanghai, China. Over the years, SNEC has emerged as the pre-eminent platform where stakeholders in the solar sector have been showcasing the latest achievements of intelligent manufacturing and innovation that will set the trends for the industry. It […]

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Solis Seminar Episode 22: Solutions for Error Code “GRID INTF”

The power grid is a fragile and complex system and its operation will affect connected equipment. At the same time, the abnormal operation of connected equipment will also affect it causing what’s known as, “grid disturbance”. Grid disturbance is a relatively common type of a grid-side fault. The frequency of its occurrence is second only […]

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Solis Seminar Episode 21: Installing AC Circuit Breakers Correctly

Background Recently, a customer reported that the circuit breaker in the fuse box of the newly installed solar PV system was experiencing an abnormal arc when it was disconnected. The customer suspected that it was caused by the inverter, however, a Solis technical engineer discovered that the circuit breakers were reversed fed. After replacing the […]

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Solis Seminar Episode 19: How to Section AC Cable for Solar PV systems

Background In PV systems, we need to consider three types of cables: PV cables, AC cables, and grounding cables. PV cables are usually laid outdoors and need to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, and ultraviolet. It is essential to choose PV-certified cabling, which cannot be replaced by conventional cabling(PV-Certified Cable’s UV protection, […]

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Upgrading a Grid Connected PV System To An Energy Storage System

Even today, there is a widespread impression among many prospects that a solar system could mean grid independence. Unfortunately, by the time they actually understand the way most solar setups work, especially if you want the benefit of subsidies, they realise that the only way is a grid connected solar plant. However, that is changing. […]

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Solis Seminar Episode 16: Leakage Current Failure

Background In the last episode of the Solis Seminar series we talked about how faults can occur during wet weather, in particular the importance of “PV Isolation Protection”. In this episode, we will discuss “leakage current failure” faults and cover possible causes as well as ways to prevent the issue. We will look at a […]

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Solis Recommends Anti-Grid Surger in Solar Systems

Solis recommends anti-grid surger in solar houses. Installation of multistage surge protection device (SPD), used with the correct SPD wiring method for different grid systems and high quality grid-tied inverters  ensures the prevention of any unwanted discharge to facilities. Solis will promote the culture of anti- grid surge protection for residences and C&I roof that […]

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