Solis Strengthens Bankability Rank For Buyers

Solis Strengthens Bankability Rank For Buyers The evaluation was done by MIT Technology Review China, DeepTech, and LinkedIn China.

In a key development Ginlong (Solis) has announced its notable position in the 2023 BloombergNEF (BNEF) Inverter Bankability Survey. The survey, engaging diverse industry stakeholders such as banks, solar engineering contractors, and technical advisers, sheds light on the solar inverter bankability landscape. Bankability rankings serve to reassure financial institutions backing solar projects on the quality and provenance of the manufacturer behind key equipment like modules and inverters. To that extent, the right suppliers can even impact overall financing costs and ease of access to funding.

For Ginlong Solis, the world’s third largest PV inverter manufacturer, its improving bankability position is a testament to its commitment to quality and adaptability in a rapidly evolving solar market. The acknowledgment in the survey reflects growing confidence in the Ginlong (Solis) brand among global solar industry players.

This recognition gains prominence in a landscape where preferences for local service and support are crucial. Ginlong (Solis)’s has always claimed to design technology that is optimised for local markets, ensuring a significant long-term return on investment and expediting the transition to a more sustainable future. The cutting-edge technology is supported by a robust technical service and support offering on the ground, that has built on the company’s experience across markets. The after-sales service, with offices and service centres worldwide, including expert technicians across Europe seeks to provide a seamless experience for users who prefer communication in their local language – whether online or over the phone.

“We recently hit our 18th-anniversary at Solis,” commented Lucy Lu, Deputy General Manager at Ginlong (Solis). “Throughout these years, our unwavering mission has been to ‘Developing technology to power the world with clean energy.’ In our pursuit of this goal, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, earning notable accolades such as this recent bankability ranking. This announcement underscores the tireless efforts of our robust team of over 4,500 individuals and 800+ R&D innovators strategically positioned worldwide. We are more motivated than ever to propel advancements that will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of clean energy.”

Notably, Ginlong (Solis) has been designated a Tier 1 inverter manufacturer by BloombergNEF, further solidifying its global standing. This achievement underscores the brand’s manufacturing excellence and commitment to advancing the renewable energy sector.


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