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Solis Seminar Episode 38: Installation Tips to Prevent Inverter Soaking

Background During the process of on-site investigation, you can encounter the problem of inverter failure caused by water ingress. Sometimes there is still water ingress after replacing the new machine and this requires investigation to understand the cause of water ingress from the installation. Troubleshooting Guidance The protection level of the inverter is IP65 or […]

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What To Do When Your Inverter Gives “G-PHASE” Alarm

Background In PV systems, there can be errors caused by problems on the grid side. As an important operating function of a solar PV system and the grid, inverters are very sensitive to grid problems and will respond quickly. Among them, grid imbalance faults, although rare, can easily affect inverters, PV systems and sometimes even […]

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PV Plant Safety. Inverter Power On and Power Off Operation

Background During the operation and maintenance of a solar PV plant, we often power off and power on the inverter, which is normally related to the safety of equipment and the personal safety of O&M personnel but is there anything specific we should look out for during what is seemingly a very simple process? In […]

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Solis Seminar, Episode 27 : How does a single-phase inverter connect to split-phase grid

Background In some special countries and regions, the grid structure involves split-phase grid, but if there is no split-phase inverter when installing PV system, can the conventional single-phase inverter be connected to the grid? What problems should we pay attention to? We will share them with you in this Solis seminar. About 120V/240V Split Phase […]

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Solis Seminar : Solution to “OV-G-V0X” alarm

Background In PV systems, grid over-voltage faults (OV-G-V0X) can occur frequently, especially in areas with weak grids and high solar PV grid-connected capacity. Such faults are common and in this episode of Solis seminar, we will share with you the causes of “OV-G-V0X”, and how to rectify the issue. Fault Description During normal operation of […]

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Solis Launches new 110kW Inverter Solution for Rooftop Solar Systems

Ginlong Technologies (Solis) has released the latest addition to its 5 Generation (5G) portfolio, the new “Solis 110kW” inverter. Ginlong Technologies (Solis), a global leader in PV string inverter manufacturing, has released the latest addition to its 5 Generation (5G) portfolio, the new “Solis 110kW” inverter. The new inverter, as the firm claims, brings a more reliable, […]

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Solis inverter debuted on the news feature of “Good crops on photovoltaic power stations” by CCTV in its “Half-Hour Economy”

On August 16, China CCTV economical channel’s “Half-Hour Economy” broadcast a news feature on “Good crops on photovoltaic power stations” Solis inverter debuted on “Good crops on photovoltaic power stations”  In this 12-minute news feature, Solis inverter explained the successful model of Desertification control in the Kubuqi desert in details with practical cases. At the heart of the Kubuqi […]

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