solid state batteries

Can Solid-state Batteries Replace Lithium-ion Batteries in EV?

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have become the fundamental power source for electric vehicles (EVs), and their demand skyrocketed with the surge in the EV market. However, since the very beginning, some challenges raised doubts about the suitability of the technology in the long term. Solid-state batteries with their solid electrolyte, are expected to provide greater safety […]

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“Maintenance of wind turbine blades must be condition-based, not time-based”, Mahesh Wagle, Cybernetik

A three-decade old firm, Pune-based Cybernetik has been practively working to deliver customized automation and equipment solutions for the wind energy industry. With the EV sector gathering steam, Cybernetik has also shifted focus to build battery packs in the EV sector. The firm has in its list of clientele leading auto players such as Bajaj, […]

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Are Solid-State Batteries The Next Milestone In The EV Industry?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as the world looks for more sustainable transportation options. The battery is a key component of any electric vehicle, and solid-state batteries (SSBs) are seen as a potential game-changer in the EV industry. Solid-state batteries have several advantages over lithium-ion batteries that are currently used in EVs. They are […]

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Natrion Unveils New Battery Components that Reduce Fire Risks

New York-based solid state electric vehicle battery technology player – Natrion – has unveiled performance metrics for its patented solid-electrolyte separator in Li-ion battery cells using graphite anode. This comes as more and more reports of lithium battery fires make headlines. Natrion said that the new material, LISIC278, is a version of Natrion’s patented Lithium […]

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Taiwan’s ProLogium to Build Solid-State Battery Gigafactory in Europe

Taiwan-based solid-state batteries manufacturer ProLogium has appointed Accuracy – an independent financial and strategic consulting firm – to advise on the location of its first major Gigawatt-hour (GWh) battery factory in Europe and to work with its international development team. The official statement of ProLogium states that the investment in the new factory will total […]

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China’s Ganfeng Lithium To Supply Battery Raw Materials to GAC AION

China-based Ganfeng Lithium has announced that it has signed an agreement with China’s new EV-maker GAC AION for the development of battery raw materials and recycling of decommissioned new electric vehicle (NEV) batteries.   The company said that it also work on recycling of decommissioned electric vehicle batteries. The company claims to be one of the […]

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Strategy Analytics Says Solid-State Batteries In EV Sector To Experience Delays

A latest report by Strategy Analytics Electric Vehicle Service (EVS) has revealed that there will be delays in deployments in solid-state batteries in electric vehicles. The timeline may be pushed up to 2030. The report called, ‘Can Solid-State Batteries Reach Mass Production?’ has come against the backdrop of the recent announcements from solid-state battery manufacturers […]

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Solid Power Installs ‘EV Cell Pilot Line’ to Manufacture Solid State Batteries

Battery developer Solid Power – an all-solid-state battery cells developer for electric vehicles – has said that it has completed installation of its pilot production line called “EV cell pilot line” which is designed to produce EV- scale solid state cells for batteries. As per the official statement of Solid Power, the company intends to […]

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