Solar Water Heater

Min of Railways Floats Tender for 500 LPD Solar Water Heater

The Ministry of Railways has invited bids from interested developers for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a 500 LPD (litres per day) solar water heater system along with all the necessary civil foundation & plumbing work. The deadline for bid submission is November 29, 2021, 11:00 am. The Railway ministry is responsible for the country’s […]

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RE Benefits: Leveraging Local Capacity for Solar Water Heaters

This report from IRENA aims to expand policy makers’ understanding of the steps needed to develop a local market for solar water heaters, and the existing capabilities that can be leveraged to do so. This report highlights opportunities to create local value by setting up a domestic industry around solar water heater. Heating and cooling […]

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Tender Issued for Procuring Solar Lighting System and Solar Water Heater

The notice inviting tender also specifies that the bidder should produce forest contract registration certificate for the year 2018-19 registered in Yellapur. Karnataka Forest department has issued a tender for the procurement of Solar lighting system & Solar water heater. Not mentioning many details, the tender notice says that the bidder must have provided at […]

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EnSync Energy Announces Sale of PPA for Honolulu Apartment Building in US

This photovoltaic PPA is the first of a two-part energy strategy rollout for the apartment building, with plans to finalize an additional PPA with EnSync Energy to install a solar water heater. EnSync, a leading developer of innovative distributed energy resources (DERs), has announced the sale of a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Nuuanu […]

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EMMVEE Commissioned 1 MW Rooftop Solar Power Plant in Karnataka

Emmvee has always lived up to its responsibilities with green energy, comprehensive expertise and a strong focus on sustainability across all products, areas, and processes. Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Private Limited, India’s top solar PV module manufacturer commissions 1 MW solar rooftop project at its solar water heater manufacturing facility in Dobespet, Karnataka. Emmvee has always […]

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Global Solar Water Heater Market to Grow At a CAGR of Close to 7% during 2021: Technavio

The global solar water heater market is highly competitive and diversified due to the presence of a large number of regional and international vendors across the globe. Also, new vendors that are emerging in the market find it very difficult to compete against the established vendors in terms of quality, functionalities, and services said Technavio […]

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MECO Solar Power Meter-936

Product Brief: MECO Solar’s Power Meter-936 is used for measuring solar power or solar irradiance. The portable meter uses high sensitivity silicon photodiode to measure solar power. MECO solar power meter can also detect solar tilt angle with orientation. Product Feature: This instrument is desi-gned to measure solar power in the range from 400 to […]

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Unveiling the Solar Water Heating System Technology

The solar radiation occurrence on the surface of the earth can be helpfully used for the advantage of human culture. One of the prevalent gadgets that outfit the solar vitality is solar hot water system (SHWS). Sunlight based water heater comprises of a collector to collect solar energy and a protected/insulated stockpiling tank to store […]

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