solar technology

LUT developed new model shows the functioning of an electricity system that fulfills the targets set by Paris agreement

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has developed a new model that shows how an electricity system mainly based on solar and wind works in all regions of the world. The new model also shows the functioning of an electricity system that fulfills the targets set by the Paris agreement by using only renewable energy sources.  […]

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Ujaas acquires order from UREDA for Grid Interactive Rooftop and small Solar PV Power Plant in Uttrakhand

UJAAS ENERGY LIMITED (UJAAS) has won an order for design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of Grid Interactive Rooftop and small Solar PV Power Plant of 4/5 kWp capacity for 364 homes located at various locations in two districts in the state of Uttarakhand under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). The Government of […]

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WISeKey and Bajaj Electricals Partners to create IoT Trusted Platform

Swiss based cybersecurity company WISeKey and Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) has partnered to Create over 100 Million Digital Identities for Consumer and Industrial Products Through WISeLight IoT Platform. Under this partnership WISeKey will create approximately 100 million Digital Identities of the SKUs that Bajaj Electricals has market leadership in the Lighting segment in India. The […]

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SolPad: Bringing the Solar Technology in a Single Pack

Solar panels installed at the roof, while batteries placed at the garage or basement- that’s what a typical solar power system looks like. But things are about to change now. The SunCulture Solar, a four year old start-up, led by entrepreneur and inventor Christopher Estes seems eager to make the Solar Panels and Storage One. […]

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Researchers have designed a device that is effective and offer low-cost solution for storing solar energy

Solar energy can be stored by converting it into hydrogen. But current methods are too expensive and don’t last long. Researchers at EPFL and CSEM have designed a device using commercially available solar cells and none of the usual rare metals that outperforms in stability, efficiency and cost. One of the solutions to store solar […]

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Scientists At The Australian National University Set Solar Thermal Record

Australian National University (ANU) scientists have set a world record for efficiency for a solar thermal dish generating steam that could be used for power stations. Scientists at ANU designed and built a new receiver for the solar concentrator dish, halving losses and achieving a 97 per cent conversion of sunlight into steam. This solar […]

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Researchers develops Tiny High-Performance Solar Cells That Turns Power Generation Sideways

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin—Madison have developed high-performance, micro-scale solar cells that can harvest almost three times more electricity from incoming light as compared to existing technologies. According to the researchers the miniature solar panels could power myriad personal devices — wearable medical sensors, smartwatches, even autofocusing contact lenses. The new, small cells, described […]

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New Solar Technology to use Desert Sand to Store Energy

Researchers in Abu Dhabi have tested a pilot device that can store solar energy in sand to improve the efficiency of power plants and provide energy during night. Developed at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, the device uses gravity to drain sand from a higher basin into a lower one, heating up the […]

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