solar powered refrigerator

Solar Powered Refrigerator Built by Kanpur Student to Safeguard Covid Vaccines

Samarjit Singh, a third year B.Tech student of Kanpur’s Axis College, has created a refrigerator that runs on solar power and can host Covid-19 vaccines and other life-saving drugs eliminating chances of wastage. Uttar Pradesh still has issues of electricity shortages and frequent power cuts. The solar run refrigerator by Samarjit Singh is expected to […]

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A DC Solar Refrigerator For Emergencies

Power outages have made a dramatic comeback, with headline power cuts in the US, India earlier, and post Covid, raising the issue of keeping vaccines cool too. US based EcoSolarCool’s new solar-powered, portable refrigerator seeks to solve this issue with its DC powered refrigerator. Being DC powered, it offers the advantage of being able to […]

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