Solar Powered Refrigerator Built by Kanpur Student to Safeguard Covid Vaccines

Highlights :

  • On a charge for four hours through the solar panels, the refrigerator can function smoothly for about 12 hours.
  • It is lightweight, eco-friendly and costs between Rs 3,000 – 3,500.

Samarjit Singh, a third year B.Tech student of Kanpur’s Axis College, has created a refrigerator that runs on solar power and can host Covid-19 vaccines and other life-saving drugs eliminating chances of wastage. Uttar Pradesh still has issues of electricity shortages and frequent power cuts. The solar run refrigerator by Samarjit Singh is expected to be beneficial in the rural health centers of the state.

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Samarjit says that solar energy has a crucial role in the protection of our natural environment and now it could be harnessed to safeguard life-saving medicines.

The Solar Refrigerator

Samarjit has built the refrigerator but without a compressor in it. He said that he has also made a prototype of the refrigerator.

The device has a solar system made in a board which precisely has a solar plate and a battery knit well. In place of a compressor, the engineering student employed a thermoelectric. Samarjit stated that power is supplied to the refrigerator, a temperature difference is created inside and the temperature falls.

On a charge for four hours through the solar panels, the refrigerator can function smoothly for about 12 hours which signifies its efficiency. There is an additional battery fitted in the refrigerator that can again run the device even if the solar energy runs out.

Samarjit also said that the new refrigerator is also fitted with a chip that helps in monitoring the temperature.

The refrigerator is highly portable; it has a capacity of about 5 litres. It is lightweight, completely eco-friendly and costs about Rs 3,000 – 3,500.

Samarjit believes that his solar panel powered refrigerator can be employed in the service of armed personnel of the country . He said that connectivity in the border areas is poor and solar powered refrigerator can allow the army personnel to have access to cold water and safe food along with injections and medicines

Ashish Malik, Director, Axis College, Kanpur, said the solar powered refrigerator is much cheaper and an innovative device promoting the use of solar energy.

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