solar electricity

Jordan’s Refugee Camp Will Have World’s Largest Solar Park

UNHCR will be able to provide 14 hours of electricity with zero cost. In a bid for the betterment of the lives of thousands of Syrian refugees residing at the Jordan’s Zaatari desert camp, the largest solar farm was inaugurated recently. The facility is supported by 4,000 solar panels having a total capacity of 12.9MW […]

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Solar Junction Box “The Black Wizard Bihind Panels”

With the rise of the solar industry during the past decade, demand for PV systems and their components has increased drastically. Best termed as the Balance of System (BoS), these solar system components are becoming significant and integrated part of the PV industry. The technological advancement in making of each component and constant innovative approach […]

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Heart Turns Brain

Advanced Electronics Impacting Solar Inverters and Its Market The Evolving Inverter Solar inverters have come a long way in the history of solar power generation. It won’t be wrong to say that they have remained one of the most advancing technologies in every decade of renewable energy advancement than anything else. Inverters convert simple DC […]

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