solar cell prices

Solar Module Prices Continue To Search For Bottom As Cell Prices Decline Further

PV Infolink, the Chinese solar research consultancy whose weekly spot prices bulletin serves as a key indicator for many, has, in its latest report, continued to bring bad news for manufacturers. Bad, because even as one would assume price drops are good for developers and eventually consumers, the persistent weakness risks putting growth at risk […]

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Module Prices Near Bottom, As Cell Prices See First Hike In Months

Solar Module prices from China, which dictate prices around the world, finally seem close to a bottom for now, after a relentless fall in 2023.  The earliest indicators come in the form of solar cell prices, which saw a weekly increase of 1.5% to 2% this week This happened even as mono grade Polysilicon prices, […]

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PV Wafer and Cell Prices Continue to rise, as Chinese suppliers continue hikes

Leading integrated Chinese manufacturer LONGi solar has increased wafer prices for the third time since January, taking wafer prices to fresh highs. That means large cell manufacturers like Tongwei solar have followed with price hikes across cells, especially in the new, more widely used 182 mm and 210 mm sizes. These price hikes, come at […]

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