solar battery

BioSolar initiates development of high energy anode for current and next Gen lithium batteries

BioSolar has announced that it has started a new program for the development of a high energy anode for current and next generation lithium batteries. While this anode is an independent technology; the Company will seek synergies with the Super Cathode technology it has been developing. BioSolar’s cathode technology, which had been the primary focus […]

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Schneider Electric introduces Lithium-ion batteries solutions for UPS operations

Schneider Electric has introduced a Lithium-ion battery solution for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) operations. The new lithium-ion battery solution for three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), brings- compact, lightweight, long-lasting and sophisticated energy storage protection to data centers, industrial process, or critical infrastructure. Lithium-ion battery system from the house of Schneider comes as a complete package […]

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Enphase Energy’s Enphase AC Battery is now available in Australia and New Zealand

Enphase Energy has announced that Enphase AC Battery is now available from authorized distributors and accepting orders from installers in Australia and New Zealand. The first global shipment is expected to arrive in Australia in August this year. Company’s partner network of over 1,000 installers located in the region will be the first in the […]

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Fortum launches Nordic countries’ biggest electricity storage pilot project

Fortum has announced the launch of Nordic countries’ biggest electricity storage pilot project integrating Saft’s megawatt-scale Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery energy storage technology. The company in a statement said “the objective is to research the suitability of batteries used for storing electricity to maintain a power balance in the electricity system. Additionally, the research will explore […]

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Analog Devices announces ADP509x efficient energy harvesting power management unit

Analog Devices has announced a power management unit (PMU) designed to enable faster and more efficient energy harvesting in IoT applications where energy is insufficient. The ADP509x with unique circuit design is among the most efficient energy harvesting PMUs in the market said the company in a statement.  The new PMU converts harvested power down […]

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Purkey develops solar-charging system for heavy-duty vehicles

Purkeys has developed solar-charging system for heavy-duty vehicles that keeps charging when the vehicle is running. The system developed by Purkey is an additional and effective charging option for liftgate batteries The company’s Solar Bolt charging system which can be converted from a single panel of 90 watts to a four-panel system of 360 watts […]

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ABB, IIT Madras enters into R&D partnership for microgrids & green energy

ABB on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) to build microgrids as well as joint R&D in the field of rural electrification, utilization of natural non-fossil resources, battery energy storage and their connection to loads and main grid. The MoU signed also includes internship opportunities to post […]

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