Solar Batteries

China’s Exports Profile Shifts To Green As Li-Ion Batteries, EVs And Solar Batteries Step Up

China, for long synonymous with cheap exports in categories like toys, apparel, home appliances and furniture has slowly but surely been changing the profile of its exports, with newer, higher value and tech intensive categories edging ahead. In fact, consumers might have already noticed that in categories like Apparel and Furniture, it is no longer […]

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India’s Safeguard Duty Move has Not Helped Much: Sudhir Aggarwal

India’s move to impose safeguard duty on import of solar cells and modules last year hasn’t helped domestic manufacturers much. While import of solar cells and modules from China have declined since the duty was implemented in July 2018, India still imported USD 1.9 billion worth of panels in the 11 months ended June 30, […]

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Eastman’s Maintenance-Free Gel Batteries Successfully Hits Energy Storage Market

The highlight of gel batteries is that the electrolyte contained in it does not flow like a liquid ensuring an instant start and long-lasting performance. The gel batteries manufactured by Eastman Auto and Power Ltd, a leading company in the energy storage segment and solar solutions, are making a mark in the power backup market […]

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Opportunities in Solar Trading

The solar industry is gearing up with growing number of solar system installers (a.k.a. EPC) and increasing number of manufacturers. There has also been a rise of stockists/warehouses specifically of foreign brands of inverters, modules etc. Solar trading is becoming an important link in the chain of business. Primarily, traders are for solar equipment (modules, […]

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Government to Impose 5 Percent Tax Under GST on Cables and Batteries for Solar Power

Due to the inverted duty structure, developers will first pay the higher tax and then claim a tax refund against the five per cent slab while filing the returns. The credit reversal will be possible only if the renewable energy project developer submits invoices to the government regarding procurement and tax paid. The government is […]

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Delta to Exhibit Smart Storage Solutions at Elecrama 2016

Delta, power and thermal management solutions, will exhibit at Elecrama 2016. It will show its diversified portfolio of smart solutions for delivering industry-leading energy capability to the quickly developing energy era and production centers in India. Delta’s modular battery energy storage system, perfect for high shaving and time shifting in utility grid and in addition […]

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