USHA SHRIRAM Unveils Solar Off-Grid Combo Systems to Contribute Towards Solar Revolution

Committed to Vocal for Local and Make In India initiatives, USHA SHRIRAM has revolutionized the way people think about solar energy with the launch of a unique range of Solar Off-Grid Combo Systems.


USHA SHRIRAM, the country’s trusted consumer durable brand, has launched a unique range of super efficient Solar Off Grid Combo Systems that provide seamless power for critical loads, especially in the locations where power grid is not available. This is particularly significant in the context of India’s efforts towards popularizing the use of solar energy and also in making the country self-reliant in solar equipment manufacturing in which USHA SHRIRAM has created a distinct edge over its counterparts.

USHA SHRIRAMA big name amongst the solar power equipment manufacturers, USHA SHRIRAM has launched Solar off-grid Combo Systems in two variants: PWM Solar PCU with Solar C-10 Batteries, powered by 12 V Solar Modules and MPPT Solar PCU with Solar C-10 Batteries, powered by 24 V Solar Modules. Both these solar Power Conditioning Units (PCUs) are well-equipped with integrated system comprising solar charge controller, grid charger, inverter and solar batteries powered by solar modules, hence they offer all-in-one solution for off-grid applications.

Announcing the launch of USHA SHRIRAM Solar Off-grid Combo Systems, Mr. Satnam Sandhu, Executive Director, USHA SHRIRAM said, “Contributing our bit to the government’s ambitious programme to ignite solar energy revolution, we aim to bring solar power into the mainstream by offering leading-edge solutions to our valued customers. Here we present the unique USHA SHRIRAM Solar Off-Grid Combo Systems that are not only extremely cost effective and easy to install, but also unparalleled green energy solutions as they significantly minimize carbon footprints by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Above all, we remain fully committed to Make in India initiative and look forward to reduce imports of solar modules and various other components with our continuous endeavours towards futuristic solar power equipment manufacturing.”

The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Solar PCU with Solar C-10 Batteries, powered by 12 V Solar Modules launched by USHA SHRIRAM slowly reduces the charging current to heating and gassing of the battery, while the charging continues to return the maximum amount of energy to the battery in the shortest time. It benefits the consumers with a higher charging efficiency, rapid recharging and a healthy battery at full capacity.

While on the other hand, the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar PCU launched by USHA SHRIRAM with Solar C-10 Batteries, powered by 24 V Solar Modules converts a higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries. Hence these products are here to revolutionize the way people think about solar energy as they are self-sustaining and provide compact off-grid renewable energy solution even in the rural and remote areas. Moreover, they offer excellent power back-up solutions in the cities where power cuts are frequent and long.

Press Release by USHA SHRIRAM.

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