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Solar Power Technology Continues To Wait On the Promise Of Perovskite Cells

Scientists today are using perovskite materials, named after a little known 19th Century Russian mineralogist and nobleman Count Lev Perovski, to make solar cells more efficient and adaptable than ever before. The material was first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1839 by Gustav Rose and became fairly common in later decades wherein it was […]

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New Lead-Free Perovskite Material for Solar Cells

A class of materials called perovskites has emerged as a promising alternative to silicon for making inexpensive and efficient solar cells. But for all their promise, perovskites are not without their downsides. Most contain lead, which is highly toxic, and include organic materials that are not particularly stable when exposed to the environment. Now a […]

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Perovskites – A Research to Reality

Most of the solar panels commercially deployed are made from the silicon cells. But research into other materials and strategies is underway in laboratories around the world. Some of the most promising recent research for silicon alternatives has involved materials called perovskites. The word “perovskite” is also used for synthetic compounds that have the same […]

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