Silfab Solar

Silfab, Morgan to Produce Solar Modules with Optical-Film Technology for Enbridge

Morgan Solar, a light management technology company, has announced the sale of 13.6 MWDC of its bifacial solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to Enbridge, a leading energy infrastructure company. Further, these solar panels will be embedded with performance-boosting SimbaX technology and will be manufactured by Silfab Solar under an exclusive license agreement between the two companies. […]

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Titan Solar Power Joins Hand with Silfab for High Efficiency Modules

Silfab is also providing strategic sales support to Titan, Williamson further added. North America’s one of the leading PV module maker Silfab Solar has entered into a new partnership with PM&M Electric, doing business as Titan Solar Power, to deliver its high-efficiency solar panels. Titan Solar’s initial commitments includes the Silfab 300w and 320w modules, […]

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Silfab Solar, DSM Ally to make Back-Contact PV Solar Modules

Silfab Solar is incorporating a conductive backsheet launched by DSM which is expected to increase the power output from solar energy almost by 30 percent. North American leading solar PV module manufacturer, Silfab Solar has collaborated with purpose-led science-based sustainable living-promotional company, DSM to mass produce high-power back-contact PV solar modules. Silfab Solar is incorporating […]

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