Methane Emissions From Energy Sector Near Record High In 2023, Finds IEA Study

Methane emissions from the energy sector remained near a record high in 2023 – but substantial policies and regulations announced in recent months, as well as fresh pledges stemming from the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, have the potential to put them into decline soon, according to new analysis from the International Energy Agency (IEA). […]

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US And Australia Ink New RE Pact To Break China’s Stranglehold

The US has inked a pact with Australia to break China’s stranglehold on clean energy technology supplies, according to a news report published. Addressing a joint press conference, US Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, and the Australian Climate Change and Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, announced a “net-zero technology acceleration partnership” that places a premium on improving […]

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Germany’s Renewable Energy Pledge Blackened By Coal

Falling short of the energy cut short by Russia following the European support to Ukraine, Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck warned on June 19 that the war in Ukraine will cause an energy shortage by the winter. What he actually meant was that the coal supply and use would be increased to compensate for the […]

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EU’s New Energy Plans Include Mandatory Solar Panels On New Buildings

The European Union has recently decided to rapidly end its reliance on Russian oil and gas by making it mandatory for all new buildings to have solar panels. A news report published last week quoted the European Commission as saying, “There is a double urgency to transform Europe’s energy system: ending the EU’s dependence on […]

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Battery Boom Could Redraw Geopolitical Order

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated a shift to investment in renewables and storage batteries as a way to reduce dependence on imports of fossil fuels a large part of which comes from OPEC and Russia. Dependent on Russia for supply of gas everyday, Europe and USA are desperately trying to break free and access […]

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Neoen sees bigger appetite for RE as Europe shuns Russian power

French renewable power producer Neoen should benefit from more demand for green energy in Finland, Italy and France as Europe looks to become independent from Russian gas, the company’s chief executive said on Monday. The European Union has announced plans to expand its clean energy capacities as it looks to cut dependency on Russian gas […]

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Vestas Will Discontinue Four Wind Energy Projects in Russia

Danish wind energy major Vestas will reportedly stop four wind farm projects that are being developed currently in Russia. This is an outcome of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which had drawn sanctions especially from the US and Europe. The development of the four key wind energy projects commenced by Vestas in September, 2021. These […]

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European Commission President Bats for Hydrogen and Renewables to Russian Overhang

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said that Europe must expedite expansion of renewables and hydrogen to achieve energy security and displace Russian gas dependency. Just as political, diplomatic, economic and other sanctions continue to heap over Russia for its armed struggle in Ukraine, many European countries – including Germany – have faced […]

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Germany seeks to be 100% Renewable powered by 2035

Germany has planned to expedite the renewable energy transition and become a net renewable and clean energy country by 2035. This means that Germany is bringing forward the national renewable targets by 15 years. The speedy transition to renewable energy will be shouldered mainly by the solar and wind energy projects. The Economy Ministry of […]

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