rooftop solar subsidy

Himachal Government Hikes State Subsidy to Rs 6,000/kW for Rooftop Solar

The state government of Himachal Pradesh has proposed to increase the subsidy for grid connected rooftop solar power installations in the state. The move is aimed to encourage the domestic players and households to adopt and install solar power systems. HIMURJA said that the subsidy will be increased from Rs 4,000 for every kilowatt to […]

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Power Minister Highlights Steps Taken to Push 4000 MW Rooftop By 2022

Responding to a query in the Rajya Sabha, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is implementing Rooftop Solar Programme Phase II wherein grid connected RTS capacity aggregating 4000 MW by 2022 is targeted for installation in residential sector with provision of subsidy. For individual households, subsidy upto 40% of the benchmark cost is provided […]

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Apply online to get subsidy on solar power panels

Consumers can apply online to avail subsidy on solar power panels. The online application submission procedure has been initiated by Department of Renewable Energy, Haryana (HAREDA) to encourage people go solar. You can submit the form with required documents visiting HAREDA’s portal — TOI citing official reports that application for subsidy has to be […]

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