Apply online to get subsidy on solar power panels

Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency

Consumers can apply online to avail subsidy on solar power panels. The online application submission procedure has been initiated by Department of Renewable Energy, Haryana (HAREDA) to encourage people go solar.

You can submit the form with required documents visiting HAREDA’s portal — TOI citing official reports that application for subsidy has to be submitted before the installation of solar power panel.

Speaking to the publication a senior HAREDA official said “Generally, people get the solar power panels installed and then come for subsidy. However, subsidy will be only given to those who apply for it before the installation of the panels.”

Who are eligible for subsidy?

The Government is providing Financial Assistance for the installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants at rate of 30% of the cost/benchmark cost (including the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of MNRE, if available) or Rs. 20000/- per kWp, whichever is less, for installation of the power plant ranging from 1 KWp to 500 KWp to the following categories as per MNRE guidelines issued vide letter dated 04.03.2016.

Following are the eligible categories for Financial Assistance:

Sl. Category Covering of Buildings CFA
1 Residential All types of Buildings CFA @ 30% of the benchmark cost.
2 Institutional Schools, Health Institutions including medical colleges & hospitals, universities, educational institutions etc. [applicable to not for profit registered organizations only, except those covered under Sl.No. (iv), (v) & (vi)]. CFA @ 30% of the benchmark cost.
3 Social Sector Community Centres, welfare homes, old age homes, orphanages, common service centres, common workshops for artisans & craftsman, facilities for use of community, Trust/NGOs/Voluntary Organisations/ Training Institutions, any other establishments for common public use etc. [applicable to not for profit registered organizations only, except those covered under Sl.No. (iv), (v) & (vi)]. CFA @ 30% of the benchmark cost.
4 Government Buildings Buildings of Central & State Governments, Local Govt. covering all govt. offices. No CFA,Achievement linked incentives/Awards will be provided
5 Government Institutions Government Institutions, PSUs, all building owned by government directly or by any government owned societies, corporations, institutions or organizations, government educational/health institutions. No CFA,Achievement linked incentives/Awards will be provided
6 Private, Commercial & Industrial Sector All types of buildings No CFA

The benchmark price is set at Rs 75,000 for the slab of up to 10kW , 68,000 for 10-50kW and 62,000 for 50kW and upwards.

The idea behind online application form is to ensure that an applicant doesn’t have to run post to pillars for the subsidy and go solar.

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