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Four renewable energy projects in developing countries identified by ADFD and IRENA to receive $ 44.5 million funding

ADFD’s funding will support a diverse set of renewable energy projects including a hybrid micro-grid project employing solar PV and advanced lithium-ion batteries, a hydropower project, integrated wind and solar, and a combination project consisting of micro-grid and solar home kits. Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has […]

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Money Invested In Renewable Energy Is Not Enough: IRENA

Investment in renewable energy has increased dramatically in the last decade, but the rate of growth is not sufficient yet to meet the climate goals Abu Dhabi-based green energy organization, IRENA on Sunday said money invested in renewable energy is not enough to reach a climate goal of limiting global warming to 2.0 degrees Celsius. […]

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Hybrid Solar Wind Market size is expected to reach USD 1.47 billion by 2024

Global Market Insights, Inc. in its latest report has revealed that hybrid Solar Wind market size will reach USD 1.47 billion by 2024. The research firm notes that decreasing wind and solar component cost associated with increasing clean fuel energy demand will drive the global hybrid solar wind market size. The component manufacturing cost has […]

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Rapid increase in the share of renewables has destabilized the wholesale electricity markets: Capgemini

Capgemini in the eighteenth edition of its annual study, the European Energy Markets Observatory (EEMO) has revealed that rapid increase in the share of renewables has destabilized the wholesale electricity markets. The report published in partnership with I4CE and Vaasa ETT states world Governments have increasingly dedicated budgets to developing renewable energy solutions and building […]

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U.S. Installed Microgrid Capacity to Grow 115% over Next Five Years: GTM Research

GTM Research in its latest report “U.S. Microgrids 2016: Market Drivers, Analysis and Forecast”, has revealed that installed Microgrid Capacity in US will grow at 115% over next five years. GTM Research also provided conceptual explanations, analysis of customer drivers and emerging ownership models, and detailed segmentations of the current market to arrive at future […]

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